Freee - Organic Brown Rice Pasta (GF), 500g Various Shapes

Freee - Organic Brown Rice Pasta (GF), 500g Various Shapes

Brand - Freee
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Quick Description

Love Italian? Freee's Organic Brown Rice Pasta is wheat-free and gluten-free so you and your family can say yes to pasta without worries.

Key Information

  • Organic Pasta
  • Made entirely from brown rice
  • Tastes and cooks like regular pasta
  • No wheat or gluten

Product Overview

Freee's Organic Brown Rice Pasta is made especially for people with food intolerances. It is gluten-free and wheat-free with the same texture and taste as regular pasta, so anyone can enjoy good pasta without worries.

Made entirely of brown rice, this pasta has a neutral taste and can hold sauces well. When you serve it with your favourite sauce, you can be sure its taste won’t compete with your special recipe, and you wouldn’t have to wonder if any one of your guests has a gluten intolerance.

Ready to make the switch? Doves Farm Freee Organic Brown Rice Pasta is available in various shapes to match different sauces.

Freee Organic Brown Rice Fusilli

Fusilli are shaped like telephone cords and are often used for pasta dishes with smoother sauces. They are best paired with light, herbed sauces such as pesto.

Freee Organic Brown Rice Penne

Penne is a tubular pasta with angled ends. This cylindrical pasta can hold sauce inside its barrels and is great for thick sauces. This is best paired with vegan bolognese or ragu sauce.

Freee Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti

Spaghetti is probably the most well-known pasta. Its slender form suits light sauces well. It is usually partnered with tomato-based sauces.

Freee Organic Brown Rice Tortiglioni

Tortiglioni, like penne, is a tubular pasta but is cut straight. This pasta is best for heavy sauces and will hold hearty, chunky ingredients well.


Organic brown rice flour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is brown rice healthier than wheat?

Brown rice is about as healthy as whole-grain wheat. They contain similar amounts of minerals and vitamins, while whole-grain wheat contains slightly more fibre than brown rice.

For someone without a gluten intolerance, either one is a good option. However, people with gluten intolerance or allergy will find more comfort in eating brown rice pasta as it has no gluten and will not trigger indigestion, bloating or an allergic reaction.