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Everfresh - Organic Cakes with Sprouted Grains

Assorted Flavours, 350g

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Who says cakes aren’t healthy? Sprouted Cakes from Everfresh are tasty, naturally sweet, and made with vitamin-rich and nutrient-filled sprouted grains!

Key Information

  • Uniquely crafted cakes
  • Made with sprouted wheat, rye, and whole grains
  • Free from eggs, butter, and sugar
  • Everfresh Organic Cakes are naturally sweet
  • Sprouted grains increase the levels of minerals and vitamins

Product Overview

Everfresh Organic Cakes are made with 100% sprouted wheat, rye, and whole grains. Everfresh has an assortment of great-tasting cakes that are naturally sweet.

There’s no denying that the goodness of Everfresh’s Organic Cakes with Sprouted Grains is a result of 25 years of baking. As the name suggests, they use sprouted grains.

What that means for you and me is that these grains are healthier than normal grains. That’s because the germination process allows the grains to have their starches broken down, thus increasing the vitamins and nutrient levels contained in them.

The assorted cakes available at Everfresh are made the non-traditional way. They do not contain any added sweeteners or refined sugars as well as dairy products and eggs. They also don’t undergo any unnecessary processing. All-natural and convenient - Everfresh Organic Cakes are simply the best choice.

Everfresh cakes are delicious just as they are. If you warm them up a bit, it’ll get that “just-baked” aroma and texture. You can even toast sliced cakes if you’d like - we’re pretty fond of the warming flavour!

If you can’t finish the cakes (or if the packs have been unopened), remember to reseal them or keep them in an airtight container. Once you do, put them in the fridge and they’ll keep for a couple more days.

Organic Banana & Walnut Sprouted Cake

Bananas and walnuts make such a wonderful combination. That’s why Everfresh made its own spin on the classic. Bananas already give the cake some sweetness, but a generous helping of concentrated apple juice gives it more. That’s what gives the cake its natural sweetness.

Stem Ginger Sprouted Cake - Wheat-Free Rye

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. These are the three ingredients needed to make the perfect little cakes. But, when we say sugar, we mean apple juice concentrate. Like the rest of Everfresh cakes, they only have natural sweetness. The cake is made from wheat-free rye and the recipe is totally dairy-free.


Organic Banana & Walnut Sprouted Cake
Wholemeal WHEAT Flour, Apple Juice (from Concentrate), Fresh Banana (14%), Water*, Sunflower Oil, Sprouted Whole WHEAT (7%), WALNUTS (6%), Banana Chips (3%), BARLEY Malt Extract, Raising Agent: Sodium Bicarbonate*, Sea Salt*

Stem Ginger Sprouted Cake - Wheat-Free Rye
Wholemeal RYE Flour, Apple Juice (from concentrate), Stem Ginger (Ginger, sugar syrup) (21%), Sunflower Oil, Water*, Sprouted Whole RYE (7%), BARLEY Malt Extract, Raising Agent: Sodium Bicarbonate*, Sea Salt*.
*Non organic approved product

Frequently Asked Questions

What does sprouted mean? What makes Everfresh Organic Cakes with Sprouted Grains special?

When grains are sprouted, their chemicals are broken down and therefore prevent them from triggering many allergies that are commonly associated with other commercially available bread and wheat.

Not only that, being sprouted means that the grains have more vitamins and nutrients. Sprouted grains contain higher levels of folate, fiber, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, and B vitamins than traditional grains.

That’s why Everfresh uses this instead of traditional grains.

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