Equal Exchange - Decaf Roast & Ground Coffee, 227g

Equal Exchange - Decaf Roast & Ground Coffee, 227g

Brand - Equal Exchange
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Quick Description

Organic, fairtrade & free from chemicals & solvents, Equal Exchange Decaf Roast & Ground Coffee is decaf you can trust, perfect for those mellow moments. 

Key Information

  • Organic fairtrade roast & ground decaf coffee
  • No chemicals or solvents used in the decaffeination process
  • Grown by women
  • Ethically sourced from Peru
  • LDPE recyclable packaging

Product Overview

For too long, coffee drinkers have been forced to choose between drinking regular chemical-free coffee or making the choice to cut down on their caffeine intake. 

Decaf coffee is often achieved by soaking green coffee beans in a chemical solvent to strip away the caffeine molecules. 

Pure, natural and 100% free from chemicals and solvents, Equal Exchange Decaf Roast & Ground Coffee is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Method. Ingredients required: just H2O, premium organic coffee beans and time. 

Swiss water helps to preserve the rich flavour and delicious aroma of the coffee, so you can enjoy your favourite antioxidant-rich elixir, minus that jitter-inducing caffeine. 

This sweet and nutty Decaf Roast & Ground Coffee is made from organic, ethically sourced and fairtrade coffee beans, sustainably grown in Peru. Equal Exchange is passionate about making the world a fairer place for coffee growers and supporting local communities to empower women farmers. 

Equal Exchange Decaf Roast & Ground Coffee is packaged in recyclable LDPE packaging. 


100% Arabica Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions 

What can I use my discarded coffee grounds for? 

 If you’re keen to cut down on waste, why not try using your discarded coffee grounds as an enriching garden fertiliser, natural scouring scrub for cleaning, or cheap, plastic-free exfoliator for your skin?