Ecozone - Magic Stain Eraser

Ecozone - Magic Stain Eraser
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Ecozone - Magic Stain Eraser

Brand - Ecozone
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Quick Description

Easily remove stains off any surface with Ecozone’s Magic Stain Eraser. This stain remover just needs water to banish those stains - it’s like magic!

Key Information

  • Stain erasing sponge
  • Formulated to use on any surface
  • No chemicals needed - just add water!
  • Leaping Bunny Certified and Aquatic Life Safe
  • Pet friendly
  • Recyclable packaging

Product Overview

You can care for animals and the planet in all kinds of ways with Ecozone’s Magic Stain Eraser. Ethical cleaning products are the way forward!

Use this Magic Stain Eraser to remove stubborn stains on a huge variety of surfaces - whether it's tough tea stains on your favourite mug, mud and dirt on your shoes or soap scum in the bathroom. This product can eliminate it all!

All you need is Ecozone’s Magic Stain Eraser and a bit of water. Its strong exfoliating power works without extra cleaning products or nasty chemicals to successfully erase those stains.

What makes this product even more magical is the fact that it’s certified cruelty-free and Aquatic Life Safe. It also comes in recyclable packaging! We can’t think of a reason you wouldn’t try this amazing cleaning product from Ecozone.


Melamine Foam

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my Ecozone Magic Stain Eraser?

This stain remover makes cleaning less of an arduous chore, and more of a quick fix! Follow these quick steps to see how easy cleaning can be with the Ecozone Magic Stain Eraser:

  1. Cut your eraser into a smaller, easy-to-handle block.
  2. Moisten the sponge with water.
  3. Scrub lightly over the stain and watch it disappear. It works on oils, pen marks, dirt and more!