Ecozone - LED Daylight E14 5.5W (50W Equivalent)

Ecozone - LED Daylight E14 5.5W (50W Equivalent)

Brand - Ecozone
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Quick Description

Ecozone’s energy-efficient LED Daylight E14 5.5W lightbulbs with a bright, natural glow & modern design are perfect for reducing energy bills & wastage.

Key Information

  • Eco-friendly E14 5.5W lightbulb
  • Up to 86% more energy efficient than conventional bulbs
  • Bright, natural light
  • Produces up to 400 lumens

Product Overview

Bring the sunshine into your home with Ecozone LED Daylight E14 5.5W (50W Equivalent). With a bright white glow and soothing tones, these eco-friendly lightbulbs provide natural and relaxing light into every space they’re placed in. Flicker-free and easy on the eye, they’re a great addition to any home.

Ecozone LED Daylight E14 5.5W (50W Equivalent) lightbulbs are also known as bio-bulbs, all thanks to their energy-efficient design. They use up to 86% less energy than other standard bulbs, as well as much less heat. That makes them good for the planet, and even better for your energy bill.

Ecozone LED Daylight E14 5.5W (50W Equivalent) lightbulbs produce up to 400 lumens and last much longer than generic bulbs. Grab one today and brighten up your world.


  • E14 Fitting
  • 5.5W (50W Equivalent)
  • 400 Lumens
  • 25,000+ lifetime

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are energy-efficient lightbulbs?

Energy efficient lightbulbs are those that have been designed with the planet in mind. One of the most popular varieties are LED bulbs, just like those crafted by Ecozone. LED lightbulbs use around 90% less energy than conventional bulbs, all the while lasting almost 25 times longer. That means a smaller energy bill, and fewer wasted bulbs. In other words, it’s a win-win for all.