Ecomil - Organic Coconut Milk Sugar-Free, 1L

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Ecomil - Organic Coconut Milk Sugar-Free, 1L

Brand - Ecomil
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Quick Description

If you are a fan of the flavour of sweet, robust coconut but don't want it to be packed with extra sweetness, EcoMil Organic Coconut milk Sugar-Free is ideal for you.

Key Information

  • 1L of silky, organic coconut milk
  • Sugar-Free
  • Completely free of lactose
  • Gluten-Free, Soy-Free
  • Keep refrigerated, once opened consume within 5 days

Product Overview

Silky, smooth, rich and creamy, is there anything better than the gorgeous alternative that is coconut milk? Well it turns out there is, something that is all of the above and completely sugar-free! EcoMil provides just that with their Organic Coconut Milk Sugar-Free. 

No overwhelmingly sweet flavour here, just the natural, silky taste you expect and enjoy in coconut milk. Made with wonderful, organic ingredients, this milk boasts being completely lactose free. And it doesn’t stop there, it is also gluten and soy free. 

Amazingly versatile, you can use this milk alternative in a multitude of ways. Whether it is to ease the bitterness of your coffee, or complete your breakfast cereal, it is sure to be completely satisfying.

Can very easily be used as a substitute for milk in many baking recipes too, whether it's a traditional cake, a pancake or a pudding. Make sure to shake thoroughly before opening. 


Water, coconut milk(8,5%), tapioca starch, natural coconut flavouring, sea salt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is coconut good for you?

Coconut is one of the most nutritious fruits out there. It is very rich in vitamins and minerals as well as fibre. Not only that, it is packed with lauric acid, which is known for being antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal, and boosts the immune system. All in all, coconut is a wonderfully delicious and healthy food.

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