Ecomil - Organic Almond Milk Barista, 1L

Ecomil - Organic Almond Milk Barista, 1L
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Ecomil - Organic Almond Milk Barista, 1L

Brand - Ecomil
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Quick Description

A barista's dream, EcoMil Organic Almond Milk Barista froths up like an absolute dream as well as adds that gorgeous creamy flavour to your coffee.

Key Information

  • 1L of stunning almond milk ideal for baristas
  • Made with the most amazing organic ingredients
  • Creates absolutely beautiful froth 
  • Low in sugar and completely lactose-free
  • Completely gluten and soy-free

Product Overview

If you are in the coffee game and are struggling to find a milk alternative that creates the same luscious froth as the real thing for your cappuccino, then fear not for your search stops now!

EcoMil Organic Almond Milk Barista will give you any and all things you would want from a barista grade milk. And the best part is, it is super low in sugar.

Made with wonderful, organic almonds, this milk alternative is entirely gluten, soy and lactose-free. You want your coffee or tea to have that lovely, creamy flavour, that's just what you will get with this amazing milk along with a nice taste of almond of course! Not only that, crucially EcoMil Organic Almond Milk Barista creates absolutely beautiful froth. 

For the perfect result, steam at a maximum temperature of 60ºC but do not steam it several times. Once opened, ensure it is consumed within 5 days.


Water, almond (2,5%), cane sugar, tapioca starch, sunflower oil, pea protein, stabiliser: Gellan gum, natural vanilla flavouring.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where do the almonds for EcoMil organic almond milks come from and how are they processed?

Premium quality and organically farmed, EcoMill uses the absolute best of Spanish almonds. In terms of the processing, the first step is the removal of the shell mechanically. Secondly, they are bathed in water and then mechanically brushed to remove the skin, as no solvent is used to do that.