EatEnjoy - Balance Digestive Enzyme Supplement, 20 Capsules

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EatEnjoy - Balance Digestive Enzyme Supplement, 20 Capsules

Brand - EatEnjoy
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Quick Description

Get your digestive system going with EatEnjoy’s Balance Digestive Enzyme Supplement, boosting your body with probiotics and enzymes.

Key Information

  • Designed to support the digestive system
  • Easy to take capsule
  • Contains Probiotics and Bacillus Subtilis
  • Blend of 13 digestive enzymes
  • GMO-Free

Product Overview

We all need a bit of extra love from the inside! And Balance Digestive Enzyme Supplements by EatEnjoy are the perfect way to show your body some love and boost your digestive system function. You know what they say…healthy gut, healthy mind!

EatEnjoy’s Balance Digestive Enzyme Supplement is designed to reduce discomfort, support digestive processes, and boost gut flora. The unique formula does this by helping your body digest difficult-to-digest proteins, sugars, fats and fibres, and the Bacillus subtilis works alongside to support the beneficial gut flora.

Each capsule contains a probiotic blend of 13 digestive enzymes and Bacillus subtilis and works optimally when taken alongside your meal. Each packet comes with 20 capsules that are vegan friendly and packaged in recyclable cardboard.


Enzyme blend PhysioZyme® Digestive Amylase 7.500 DU Protease 25.000 HUT Bromelain 500.000 PU Papain (contains sulphites) 500.000 PU Glucoamylase 10 AGU Alpha Galactosidase 150 GaIU Lactase 500 ALU Acid Stable Protease 25 SAPU Phytase 10 FTU Cellulase 500 CU Lipase 500 FIP Hemicellulase 1.000 HCU Pectinase 10 endo - PGU DE 111® Bacillus subtilis 5 Billion CFU Other ingredients: capsule: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose; anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate; filling agent:maltodextrin; colour E 171

Frequently Asked Questions

How many EatEnjoy Balance Digestive Enzyme supplements are recommended daily?

EatEnjoy recommends one-two capsule per day. They work the best when the capsule is taken just before eating or at the same time as your first few mouthfuls of food. It's very important that the enzyme capsules are in contact with the food inside your stomach to aid the complete digestive process.

Who should take EatEnjoy Balance Digestive Enzyme supplements?

EatEnjoy Balance Digestive Enzyme supplements are the perfect product for someone who is having trouble digesting meals and is looking to support their digestive system.