Eat Wholesome - Organic Raw Sauerkraut, 500g

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Eat Wholesome - Organic Raw Sauerkraut, 500g

Brand - Eat Wholesome
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Quick Description

We’ve got a gut feeling that your tummy will love Eat Wholesome’s award-winning Organic Raw Sauerkraut. Made from organic cabbage and full of gut-friendly probiotics.

Key Information

  • Each jar contains sauerkraut that’s made in small batches
  • Live, unpasteurized, and naturally fermented
  • Probiotic-rich and made from fresh cabbages
  • A delicious source of vitamin C
  • Hand-crafted using traditional recipes
  • Winner of the Great Taste Award in 2017

Product Overview

Gut in German means fine. That makes sense because Eat Wholesome’s Organic Raw Sauerkraut fills your tummy with gut-friendly probiotics. It also contains fibre, which we all know is good for digestion. 

Combine these two properties and you’ll have a food that’s naturally helpful when it comes to aiding digestion and preventing constipation.

Eat Wholesome’s Organic Raw Sauerkraut is only made from organic cabbages. It is handcrafted in Europe and is made following traditional recipes. It is only made with 3 ingredients: cabbage, water, and salt. 

Actually, make that 4 because ample time is another key ingredient in making tasty sauerkraut. Eat Wholesome patiently waits for every small batch of sauerkraut to achieve just the right amount of fermentation.

Each jar of Organic Raw Sauerkraut has about a 6-month shelf life. It is recommended to keep the jar refrigerated.


Organic cabbage (60%), water, salt

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sauerkraut?

Probably one of Germany’s most well-known foods, sauerkraut is simply fermented raw cabbage. Because it’s traditionally made through a pickling process, it is known to have a long shelf life.

The pickling and fermentation also result in sauerkraut having its distinctive sour taste. If you’re worried about the sourness, don’t be! Eat Wholesome’s Organic Raw Sauerkraut is the winner of 2017’s Great Taste Award. All you have to do is grab a jar and taste for yourself! Guten Appetit!