Dream - Organic Rice DREAM Original, 1L Pack of 8

Dream - Organic Rice DREAM™ Original, 1L
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Dream - Organic Rice DREAM Original, 1L Pack of 8

Brand - Dream
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Quick Description

Looking for a moo-free milk that’s dreamy, creamy & preservative-free? Dream’s Organic Rice DREAM™ Original is just the thing. Try this light, subtly sweet drink today!

Key information

  • Slightly sweet and light texture, similar to skimmed milk
  • Perfect for pouring over cereal and adding to coffee, soups and sauces
  • Excellent milk alternative
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Organic, free from preservatives, additives and sugar
  • Suitable for Vegans and Coeliacs

Product Overview

Is this what dreams are made of? We think so. This heavenly, naturally sweet milk isn’t only lip-smackingly tasty but good for you too. It’s rare to come by a truly organic, preservative and additive-free milk that’s bought from a shop.

Just water, organic rice, organic sunflower oil and a pinch of salt and ta-da! You have yourself one of the healthiest, tastiest milk out there.

With all the non-dairy milk available at the moment, it can be tricky to choose which one is best for you. Dream’s Organic Rice DREAM Original’s milk is much thinner and lighter compared to oat and soy milk.

It’s light and sweet tasting, perfect for adding to coffee and pouring over cereal. No need to add that extra sugar to your cuppa. Its slightly sweet nature also makes it an excellent addition to soups and sauces. If you’re big on baking, rice milk is also great but you’ll just have to add a thickener to make up for the lightness.


Water, Rice (14%), Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt
Organically grown & produced

Frequently Asked Questionsj

What are the benefits of DREAM’s organic milk?

These days, it’s hard to come by food that hasn’t got any preservatives. Whilst it’s great because the shelf-life increases, we’re often sacrificing our health. Eating organic foods isn’t only better for you, it’s also great for the environment!

Organic farming uses less energy, conserves water, reduces soil erosion and increases soil fertility. Plus, this milk is cruelty-free too!

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