Dr Stuart's - Liver Detox Tea Bags, 15 Bags Pack of 4

Dr Stuart's - Liver Detox Tea Bags, 15 Bags Pack of 4

Brand - Dr Stuart's
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Quick Description

Dr Stuart’s Liver Detox Tea Bags are formulated using only pure, natural ingredients to help support healthy liver function. Naturally caffeine-free.

Key Information

  • Enveloped tea bags for convenience
  • Naturally caffeine-free
  • Contains dandelion root, centaury herb and milk thistle
  • A herbal infusion to support liver function
  • Fully compostable tea bags

Product Overview

Dr Stuart’s Liver Detox Tea Bags offer a high-quality, botanical grade herbal infusion specially formulated to support and cleanse your liver.

This blend of dandelion root, centaury herb, and milk thistle all provide antioxidants and contain liver-friendly compounds that may help support a healthy liver. 

Using the best quality and medicinal grade herbs to support your liver and overall wellness, Dr Stuart’s is the only brand to use (and guarantee!) active botanicals from the most prized part of their plants.

Dandelion root may naturally detox the liver while the centaury herb acts as an aromatic bitter and tonic. Milk thistle naturally contains silymarin, an antioxidant compound, and is still used today as a liver protectant. 

All of Dr Stuart’s teas are made with pure natural ingredients with no additives or artificial flavourings or colourings. And every Liver Detox Tea Bag is fully compostable.


Peppermint*, dandelion root 23%, liquorice root*, camomile*, centaury herb* 7%, boldo leaves, couch grass root, restharrow root, milk thistle* 5%.
*Denotes medicinal-grade ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

What is silymarin in Dr Stuart’s Liver Detox Tea?

Silymarin is an active compound obtained from milk thistle (Silybum marianum), one of the botanicals used in Dr Stuart’s Liver Detox Tea. It may protect liver cells from chemicals and drugs that are harmful.