Doves Farm - Doves Vitamin C, 120g Pack of 5

Doves Farm - Vitamin C, 120g
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Doves Farm - Doves Vitamin C, 120g Pack of 5

Brand - Doves Farm
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Quick Description

Also known as ascorbic acid, this Vitamin C from Doves Farm is great for using in bread baking to increase the lift and volume of the dough. 

Key Information

  • Ascorbic acid for bread making
  • Strengthens the gluten in gluten-containing flours
  • Gives the bread a good rise
  • Kosher and coeliac certified
  • Free from soy, gluten, nuts, peanuts, and palm oil

Product Overview

To give your bread beautiful lift, volume, and rise, use this Vitamin C from Doves Farm!

This Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid, which is used in bread making to increase the volume of the dough. Vitamin C strengthens the gluten in the flour, to boost the rising and to ensure it stays beautifully risen.

Doves Farm’s Vitamin C can be used in all bread making. It is kosher and coeliac certified, and also free from soy, palm oil, nuts, and peanuts. 


Ascorbic Acid 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Doves Farm’s Vitamin C different from yeast?

Both Vitamin C and yeast work the same way, although they are not the same. Vitamin C works as an oxidizer that helps the gluten to strengthen - yeast also gives the dough volume, but through a different chemical process and also by bringing a “yeasty” flavour. Another main difference is that yeast does not extend the shelf life of the bread as Vitamin C does.