Doves Farm - Organic Coconut Flour, 500g Pack of 4

Doves Farm - Organic Coconut Flour, 500g Pack of 4

Brand - Doves Farm
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Quick Description

A great addition to the arsenal of your baking ingredients, this Organic Coconut Flour from Doves Farm is rich, nutty, and serves as a useful gluten-free flour.

Key information

  • Amazing for baking
  • Adds a natural sweetness to baked goods
  • Rich, nutty and moist
  • Good for using in gluten-free cooking
  • Made with organic coconuts

Product overview

Made from 100% organic, sustainably farmed Sri Lankan coconuts, this Organic Coconut Flour from Doves Farm is a kitchen essential for gluten-free and vegan cooking. Rich in protein and fibre, it’ll soon become a pantry staple.

Coconut flour makes for an exciting addition to any keen baker’s stock cupboard. Naturally sweet, rich, soft and moist, coconut flour makes brilliant brownies, cakes, cookies and pancakes.

Also great for sprinkling on vegan yoghurt and fruits, and making batter for vegetable fritters, this coconut flour is one versatile type of flour!


Organic Coconut Flour
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Coconuts)

Frequently asked questions

Does coconut flour taste the same as regular flour?

Whilst regular flour has a neutral taste, coconut flour has a subtle coco-nuttiness to it, giving baked goods a certain coconutty flavour. Coconut flour gives your baking extra depth and an exotic, tropical flavour. It’s quite subtle, but if you’re a fan of coconuts, you’ll certainly love it!