Crazy Jack - Organic Soft Figs, 200g Pack of 8

Crazy Jack - Organic Soft Figs, 200g
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Crazy Jack - Organic Soft Figs, 200g Pack of 8

Brand - Crazy Jack
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Quick Description

Crazy Jack’s got this all fig-ured out. Their Organic Soft Figs are sweet and nutty, and they come in a resealable bag - perfect for snacking and sharing!

Key Information

  • Figs are grown in the hills of Western Anatolia, Turkey
  • They have a wonderful sweet and nutty flavour
  • A portion of figs has only 63 calories
  • No artificial preservatives or flavourings

Product Overview

Crazy Jack Organic Soft Figs are the perfect snack to take with you everywhere. They’re soft, chewy (but not too chewy!), and very tasty. 

The figs themselves are known as Calimyrna figs. These are figs that are grown in a farming village nestled in Turkey’s Western Anatolia. The figs here grow slower than other figs. This results in them developing a nutty flavour and having thinner skin.

Did you know that you can also cook with Crazy Jack Organic Soft Figs? As it is, you don’t need to pre-soak these figs before you incorporate them into recipes. They can already be put into stews and stuffings. 

They can also be chopped and added to muffins and even cereals. You can even top ice cream with some chopped figs. Aside from adding flavour, the figs also add nutrition a little bit of texture to the food.

What if you just want to snack on these figs straight up? You do you! A portion (that’s around 30 grams) of Crazy Jack Organic Soft Figs is only 63 calories. That’s a low-fat and nutritious portion right there.


Partially Rehydrated Organic Dried Figs

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why doCrazy Jack Organic Soft Figs use Calimyrna figs?

Crazy Jack is proud of the nutty flavour in its figs - and that comes from Calimyrna figs. It just gives an extra depth of flavour. These also have a thinner skin that won’t get in the way of enjoyable snacking.