Clipper - Organic Pure Green Tea with Lemon (FT) 20 Bags

Clipper - Organic Pure Green Tea with Lemon (FT) 20 Bags

Brand - Clipper
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Quick Description

Crisp and refreshing with a satisfying citrusy zing, Clipper’s Organic Pure Green Tea with Lemon is the beverage you want after a long day.

Key Information

  • Organic pure green tea
  • Enhanced with natural lemon flavour
  • Recyclable boxes and biodegradable tea bags
  • Free from harmful pesticides 
  • Fairtrade certified

Product Overview

Fancy a hot beverage that won’t be too heavy or fragrant? Clipper’s Organic Pure Green Tea with Lemon is just what you’ll want to snuggle up with. Made with all-natural ingredients, this tea provides a comforting refreshment that is next to none. 

This Fairtrade-certified tea is full of lovely green tea flavour with a zing of lemon that creates the perfect balance. Free from harmful pesticides, you can be sure that your cuppa is full of the highest-quality, untampered ingredients. 

To prepare, boil a kettle of fresh water and pour the boiling water over one Clipper’s Organic Pure Green Tea with Lemon tea bag. Allow it to brew for about 1-3 minutes and remove the teabag. Be careful not to squeeze the bag as that will leave a bitter flavour. 


Green tea*, Natural Lemon Flavouring with other Natural Flavourings (5%), Lemon peel* (1%). 

*Organically grown ingredient

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Clipper Teas safe to consume by people with nut allergies?

Clipper is dedicated to providing products that can be enjoyed by everyone. As such, it doesn’t use nuts in any of its facilities or its products, including this Organic Pure Green Tea with Lemon. 

Clipper is also meticulous in ensuring that, during the production of its teas, there is the lowest possible risk of nut contamination.