Clearspring - Organic Chickpea Miso, 150g

Clearspring - Organic Chickpea Miso, 150g

Brand - Clearspring
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Quick Description

For the umami-rich flavour of miso without the soy, try Clearspring’s Organic Chickpea Miso! Traditionally made, live and unpasteurised with a nutty flavour.

Key Information

  • Non-GMO
  • Chickpea miso paste
  • Soy-free miso
  • Traditionally made
  • Unpasteurised and live

Product Overview

If you thought it wasn’t possible to have soy-free miso, think again!

Clearspring’s Organic Chickpea Miso is a naturally brewed, fermented miso paste made from chickpeas. Live and unpasteurised, this miso is made using the same traditional techniques as regular miso by a third-generation family producer in Nagano prefecture. 

Boasting a sweet, nutty, umami-rich flavour, this Chickpea Miso is perfect as a soy-free alternative to miso ramen, dressings and glazes. Use it to enrich tofu, liven up noodles or simply enjoy its smooth, rich flavour in the form of miso soup.


Chickpeas* (47%), Cultured Rice* (34%), Sea Salt, Water.
*Organically Grown

Frequently Asked Questions

What does chickpea miso taste like?

Chickpea miso is made from aged chickpeas and brown rice and the flavour is incredibly similar to that of soybean miso (which also usually contains rice). Its ageing process is typically shorter than that of soy miso, about 30 - 60 days. Its flavour is described as stronger than that of white miso but not as strong as red miso.