Clearspring - Organic Puffed Corn Cakes, 130g Multiple Options

Clearspring - Organic Puffed Corn Cakes, 130g Multiple Options

Brand - Clearspring
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Quick Description

If you love a crunch with just a hint of popcorn, Clearspring Organic Puffed Corn Cakes are the ideal snack for dipping, adding toppings and just enjoying straight from the packet.

Key Information

  • 130 grams of organic puffed corn cakes
  • Fantastic source of fibre and free of saturated fat
  • Completely plant-based and gluten-free
  • Very low in fat, sugar and salt
  • May contain traces of sesame seeds.

Product Overview

If you aren’t the biggest fan of a rice or buckwheat cake, these Clearspring Organic Corn Cakes could be the perfect healthy snack for you. Made with the desire to keep your diet healthy but interesting, these corn cakes have a wonderful crunch and a little taste of popcorn.

Made, with great care, from authentic, sustainable, plant-based ingredients, these corn cakes are organic and gluten-free. Ideal if you are watching your weight, they are low in fat, sugar and salt and are completely free from saturated fat. Clearspring Organic Corn Cakes are a fantastic source of fibre as well. 

You can never go wrong by eating these corn cakes straight from the packet, but they taste so much better with a topping or dip. Whether it’s a fresh salsa, a lovely hummus or a yummy black olive paste, you are going to want Clearspring Organic Puffed Corn Cakes as your vessel. 


Corn (99.7%), sea salt (0.3%)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clearspring doing about all their plastic packaging?

Clearspring has been working very closely with their suppliers and packaging companies, as they take environmental preservation very seriously, in order to improve the sustainability of their packaging. Some products have already been relaunched with environmentally conscious packaging and it is only a matter of time before the rest are too.