Clearspring - Organic Kuzu Root Starch, 125g

Clearspring - Organic Kuzu Root Starch, 125g

Brand - Clearspring
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Quick Description

Clearspring’s Organic Kuzu Root Starch is the perfect gluten-free thickener for both savoury and sweet dishes.

Key Information

  • 125 grams of Organic Kuzu Root Starch
  • For thickening
  • Made with completely plant-based, organic ingredients
  • Very low in salt and low in saturated fat
  • Utterly fat, sugar and gluten-free
  • Commended in the 2012 Free From Awards

Product Overview

Most common thickeners, such as cornflour, are often treated with chemicals and processed vigorously. With Clearspring’s Organic Kuzu Root Starch you get a fantastic, natural, organic starch.

Sourced in Japan, this starch is a thickener of the highest quality, creating a wonderfully smooth texture and a completely neutral flavour. As a result, it is perfect for soups and stews, sauces and glazes both savoury and sweet, as well as pie fillings. If something needs thickening, use Clearspring’s Organic Kuzu Root Starch.

Completely plant-based and organic, this starch is gluten-free, fat-free and sugar-free. Not only that, it is also very low in salt and low in saturated fat.

To prepare

Crush the chunks and dissolve them in a small amount of cold water. Then add the mix to your cooking liquid, heat, and stir continuously until thick and translucent. A half to one tablespoon of kuzu will thicken one cup of liquid. Please note: 1 ¾ tbsp. of Kuzu can replace 1 tbsp of corn flour.


Organically wild harvested kuzu root (Pueraria lobata), water

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Clearspring source and produce their kuzu?

Sourced in southern Kyushu, Japan, Clearspring’s supplier of kuzu has been making it for five generations and is one of the few remaining producers of pure kuzu starch in Japan. Once the plants are harvested they go through a 45-day process of washing, settling, filtering and drying before being brought to Clearspring.