Clearspring - Organic Japanese Umeboshi Plums, 200g

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Clearspring - Organic Japanese Umeboshi Plums, 200g

Brand - Clearspring
1 review
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Quick Description

Sharp, salty and scrumptious. Say hello to Clearspring’s Organic Umeboshi. Salted Japanese plums, ideal for giving rice dishes, sushi, and more, the perfect tangy kick.

Key Information

  • Authentic Japanese snack
  • Only a small amount needed for intense flavour
  • Packed with associated health-benefits
  • Raw Food
  • Free of Added Alcohol

Product Overview

Meet Clearspring’s Organic Umeboshi. Tart, tangy, and salted ume plums. A cherished, delicious snack that has been core to Japanese cuisine and folk medicine for many years. The perfect way to add zest to rice dishes and sushi (or, to devour as a punchy snack!)

Umeboshi, often translated to 'salted Japanese plums' in English, are concentrated and flavour-packed. This means only a small amount of umeboshi is needed to get a true tangy kick. Sharp and strong, if you are a fan of intense flavours, this is the snack for you. 

Umeboshi are believed to have a number of potential health benefits. They are associated with powerful digestive properties, prevent nausea, combat fatigue, hold anti-aging powers, and even help with hangovers - Umeboshi is a snack that packs a punch in more ways than one. 

If you mix them with rice, the citric acid in Umeboshi is thought to act as an antibacterial, increase saliva production and improve the digestion of your yummy rice dish!


Japanese ume plums* (79%), sea salt, shiso (perilla) leaves* (4.2%) *organically grown

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Clearspring produce their Umeboshi? 

Clearspring Organic Umeboshi plums are made in small batches by a family in Wakayama, Japan (the best-known ume fruit growing area in the country). The family is passionate about small-scale farming and doing things with care, meaning they only use organic methods and traditional practices. The result? Exquisite umeboshi.

Clearspring harvests ume plums in late June. At this time the plums are semi-ripe and their juices are just acidic enough to get that all-important tartiness. Once picked, the fruits are soaked overnight to remove bitterness. Next, they are placed into a barrel with layers of salt and left to pickle for a few weeks. 

Around late July, when the pickling is complete, the umeboshi is sun-dried and another short pickling begins. This time the plums are pickled in the brine of pickled leaves from red shiso herbs. This is what gives Clearsping’s umeboshi their crimson colour and spicy flavour!

It’s as simple as that. Exceptional skills. Traditional methods. Organic Plums. Fine Umeboshi. What more could we want?

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I recommend this product

expensive but worth it

These are quite hard to come by where I live and this is the best price I've found for them. Love Japanese cooking and they always appear in recipes so wanted to try. I put it inside rice onigiri parcels, and it adds a salty, sweet-ish burst when you get to the centre. Look forward to trying other recipes with them too.