Clearspot Tofu - Organic Silken Tofu, 250g


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Clearspot Tofu - Organic Silken Tofu, 250g

Brand - ClearSpot Tofu
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Quick Description

Clearspot Tofu’s Organic Silken Tofu is a silky smooth tofu made from organic soybeans. It adds a delicious creaminess to any recipe and it’s high in vegan protein. 

Key Information 

  • Organic tofu
  • High in protein
  • Perfect for sweet and savoury dishes 
  • Free from GMOs, dairy, and gluten
  • No artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives 

Product Overview

We’ve got one smooth operator for you here!

Clearspot Tofu Organic Silken Tofu is the silky smooth tofu of dreams, it’s made from organic soybeans blended with water and nigari (filtered seawater). 

The neutral flavour of this Organic Silken Tofu means it’s perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes. We especially love using it to thicken up our smoothies, make vegan chocolate mousse, or create extra-creamy pasta sauces. 

It’s also high in protein, so not only does it add a delightful texture to your food, but it also pumps up the nutritional value. We’d call that a win, win!


Soy Milk* (95%) (Water, Soya Beans*, Nigari), Water, Nigari
Allergens: Soy

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between silken tofu and other tofu?

Silken tofu has a much softer and smoother texture than other tofu, which makes it ideal for making vegan recipes creamier. Silken tofu also doesn’t really hold its shape whereas other firm tofu does, so making something like vegan tofu scramble, for example, would call for regular tofu. Both types of tofu are made primarily from soybeans and are a great source of plant-based protein.