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Cauldron Foods - Organic Tofu, 396g

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For all the creative cooks out there, Cauldron Foods Organic Tofu is the perfect base for all your favourite flavours. Made with sustainably grown soybeans.

Key Information

  • Organic extra-firm authentic tofu block
  • Made with sustainably grown and responsibly sourced soybeans
  • Rich source of plant protein and calcium
  • Versatile and mild - ideal for all kinds of dishes
  • Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives
  • Gluten-free, nut-free & non-GMO

Product Overview

Versatile, mild and nutrient-dense, Cauldron Foods Organic Tofu is an extra firm authentic tofu block, ready to be prepared your way. It is made with organic and responsibly sourced soybeans, sustainably grown in Italy.

Cauldron Foods Organic Tofu is a great source of complete plant protein, containing all nine essential amino acids that your body needs. It is also rich in calcium, iron, manganese, potassium, B vitamins and vitamin D.

With its neutral flavour and firm texture, Cauldron Foods Organic Tofu is ideal for use in all kinds of dishes - from soups and curries to salads and stir fries. This versatile tofu block can even be blitzed until smooth and creamy to form the base of many vegan desserts.

For extra crispy tofu, try cutting your block into cubes, coating in corn flour and frying in batches until golden brown. These deliciously crispy bites can then be added to your favourite sweet, sticky and spicy sauce and served with rice for a homemade takeaway-style treat!


Water, Soya Beans* (35.8%), Calcium Sulphate
*Produced under Organic Standards

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I press Cauldron Foods Organic Tofu?

If you would like your Cauldron Foods Organic Tofu to be even firmer and soak up more of your delicious flavours, try draining and pressing it.

  • Remove Cauldron Foods Organic Tofu from the packaging and drain.
  • Cover your tofu block with some kitchen roll.
  • Place a plate or chopping board on top and weigh down with tins.
  • Leave for 10-20 mins. Discard the excess liquid that has leaked out.
  • Your tofu is ready to slice and flavour however you choose!

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Cauldron Foods - Organic Tofu, 396g
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