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Caroboo - Vegan "Not-Choc" Bars

Assorted Flavours, 35g

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Quick Description

Made with sustainably sourced carob and coconut, Caroboo Vegan “Not-Choc” Bars are the deliciously healthy substitutes that will indulge those chocolate cravings. 

Key Information

  • Chocolate-free chocolate bars made from carob, coconut and cocoa butter
  • Available in Coconut, Orange & Mint flavours
  • Smooth, creamy and delicious
  • Free from gluten and refined sugar
  • Made with organic and sustainably sourced ingredients 
  • Home compostable packaging 

Product Overview

Searching for a vegan and gluten-free choccy alternative with all the smooth sweetness of milk chocolate? Look no further! Made with coconut sugar, creamed coconut and carob, Caroboo Vegan “Not-Choc” Bars are creamy, dreamy and delicious. 

Caroboo Vegan “Not-Choc” Bars are 100% free from gluten, refined sugar and anything artificial. Instead, they contain the finest ingredients that mother nature has to offer (sustainably sourced, of course). 

Caroboo Vegan “Not-Choc” Bars are a fantastic, healthy chocolate alternative. They are the perfect size to pop in your kids’ lunchboxes for a break-time sweet treat, stowing in your bag for those craveable moments at work or out and about, or enjoying with a cuppa on the sofa. Oh, and did we mention the packaging is 100% home compostable? 

Coconut "Not-Choc" Bar

Smooth and creamy with a delicious light coconutty flavour, this is the “Not-Choc” Bar for you if you’re missing that well-known and divisive coconut chocolate bar (you know the one). Plus, we think this one’s better…! 

Orange "Not-Choc" Bar

A hill we will die on: chocolate and orange is the perfect combo. Turns out, so is orange and carob. This zesty, sweet and flavourful bar is made with orange oil, carob, creamed coconut, vanilla and a few other good things. Nibble it with your coffee and Bliss. Out. 

Mint "Not-Choc" Bar

Mint and chocolate are another one of our favourite power couples. But that’s right - you’ve guessed it - there’s a new suitor in town. This “Not-Choc” Bar made with natural peppermint oil and carob is a match made in heaven. We think this refined and aromatic bar is the perfect after-dinner treat. 


Coconut "Not-Choc" Bar: Cocoa butter, creamed coconut, carob powder, organic coconut sugar, chicory root fibre, vanilla powder, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin

Orange "Not-Choc" Bar: Cocoa butter, creamed coconut, carob powder, organic coconut sugar, chicory root fibre, orange oil, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin

Mint "Not-Choc" Bar: Cocoa butter, creamed coconut, carob powder, organic coconut sugar, chicory root fibre, peppermint oil, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin.

*Produced in a factory that handles nuts and soya

Frequently Asked Questions

What is carob and why is it used to make Caroboo Vegan “Not-Choc” Bars?

Carob is Caroboo’s hero ingredient (hence the name). Carob is an edible tree pod widely grown in the Mediterranean. These brown wrinkly pods are not the most beautiful fruits around, however they have a deliciously mellow and sweet chocolatey flavour, perfect for making tasty “Not-Choc” Bars! 

Plus, carob is naturally low in fat and high in calcium, fibre and antioxidants. Unlike chocolate, it is also caffeine-free. Sounds pretty heroic to us! 

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Caroboo - Vegan "Not-Choc" Bars
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