Carley's - Organic Raw Almond Butter, 250g

Carley's - Organic Raw Almond Butter, 250g

Brand - Carley's
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Quick Description

If you’re like us, you’ll be a purist when it comes to nut butter. Carley's Organic Raw Almond Butter contains nothing but 100% Sicilian and Spanish almonds.

Key information

  • 100% organic raw almond butter 
  • Made from cool milled whole almonds from Sicily and Spain
  • Full of protein and beneficial vitamins and minerals 
  • No added sugar or salt 
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Vegan-friendly spread

Product Overview

Nut butter and fruit spreads are the pillar stones of a decent grocery cupboard, and if you care about quality, you can’t beat Carley's Organic Raw Almond Butter. Made from 100% raw, organic, cool milled almonds, this nut butter is thick, luxuriant, and outrageously nutty. With no added salt, sugar, or artificial ingredients, this almond butter is becoming somewhat of a cult classic. 

Free from gluten, dairy, and sugar, Carley's Organic Raw Almond Butter is accessible to folks on the keto diet, coeliacs, and vegans. Feel free to spread it liberally on toast, or crackers, dollop it into your baked goods, add a cheeky teaspoon into your stir-fries, or just eat it straight out of the jar!


100% Organic Raw Almonds 
Allergens: Tree Nut (Almonds)

Frequently asked questions

How much protein is there in Carley's Organic Raw Almond Butter?

Carley's Organic Raw Almond Butter contains a whopping 21g of protein per 100g. Almonds are a great source of healthy fats and protein, so this nut butter will keep you going if you’re in need of energy!