Bodytox - Lavender Sleep Patches, 2 Patches

Bodytox - Lavender Sleep Patches, 2 Patches

Brand - Bodytox
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Quick Description

Treat yourself to a whole body spa experience with Bodytox’s vegan-friendly Lavender Sleep Patches. You’ll feel completely relaxed, purified, and balanced.

Key Information

  • Vegan-friendly sleep patches
  • With a gorgeous lavender fragrance
  • 10 patches in the packet
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • All-in-one, easy-to-apply patch
  • Free from GMOs and alcohol

Product Overview

If you want a truly restful sleep then Bodytox’s vegan-friendly Lavender Sleep Patches might be just what you need. Harnessing a centuries-old alternative therapy method, these patches could be just the ticket for a relaxed and deep sleep. 

In reflexology, the sole of the foot is considered the source of health, and so Bodytox has taken this concept and combined it with the well-known calming lavender to create a uniquely serene experience. These patches are all-in-one and super easy to apply, as well as completely and utterly painless. 

Made with all-natural ingredients, these patches contain absolutely no alcohol or GMOs. With these patches you can experience the potential benefits in a simple and quick way. Bodytox’s Lavender Sleep Patches may have you feeling totally zen and at peace. 

How to Use

Just before you head to bed, remove the patches from their outer packaging and place them horizontally across the sole of each foot. Make sure to press them on well so that they are properly secured. 

There is a reflexology foot map on the back of the box that you can use as a guide as to where exactly on your foot you want to place the patch: the ball, the heel, or the arch. 

When you wake up in the morning, simply peel off the patch and dispose of it. The next time you go to bed, apply a new patch. You may feel the effects as soon as three days into use. To achieve maximum results it is recommended you use them for up to 5-10 days. 


Lavender Oil, Agaricus, Tourmaline, Wood Vinegar, Chitosan, Eucalyptus Oil, Mugwort Extract, Vitamin C

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bodytox products have a use-by date?

All Bodytox products, including the Lavender Sleep Patches, have a use-by date. The reason for this is that the brand wants to make sure that you get everything possible out of the products; they have very carefully chosen natural, high-quality ingredients so the fresher they are the better they are. You can find the use-by dates on the packaging of every Bodytox product.

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