Biofair - Organic Fairtrade Quinoa Flakes, 400g

Biofair - Organic Fairtrade Quinoa Flakes, 400g
Biofair - Organic Fairtrade Quinoa Flakes, 400g - back
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Biofair - Organic Fairtrade Quinoa Flakes, 400g

Brand - Biofair
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Quick Description

Try a tasty alternative source of protein today with Biofair - Organic Fairtrade Quinoa Flakes! No added ingredients, just 100% pure organic quinoa.

Key Information

  • No palm oil
  • Certified Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Microwave-friendly
  • Gluten-free

Product Overview

Shake up your meals and experiment with Biofair - Organic Fairtrade Quinoa Flakes today! A delicious source of quinoa, these flakes are premium quality and easy to use.

A fantastic source of protein and fibre, all the quinoa here has been grown in the Andean region of Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru in pesticide and fertiliser-free environments, so you can be sure that you’re powering your body with pure ingredients.

These yummy flakes are fair trade, organic and gluten-free, and offer a wonderful alternative to porridge or muesli for a healthy, protein-rich breakfast. Why not sprinkle some flakes on top of a soup, or as a topping on a variety of savoury or sweet dishes to add a punch of protein your body craves!

Store these precious flakes in a cool and dry place to keep them as fresh in your cupboard as the day they arrived.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Fair Trade Mean?

These Organic Fairtrade Quinoa Flakes are sourced from third world countries on farms where the health and integrity of the local environment and farmers are respected, whilst also helping them develop economically sound trading relationships. By ensuring their farmers are given fair prices and long term trading guarantees, you can be sure you’re getting ethically sourced, top quality produce.