Bio-D - Furniture Polish, 150g Pack of 6

Bio-D - Furniture Polish, 150g
Bio-D - Furniture Polish, 150g -back
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Bio-D - Furniture Polish, 150g Pack of 6

Brand - Bio-D
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Quick Description

Made with plant-based wax & natural oils, Bio-D’s Furniture Polish is designed to clean, protect & nourish wood to leave your furniture looking brand-new!

Key Information

  • Naturally effective furniture polish
  • Free from beeswax
  • Made with plant-based wax & natural oils
  • Designed to clean, protect & nourish wood
  • Made in the UK

Product Overview

Searching for a natural furniture polish that’s 100% beeswax free? Look no further! Totally vegan & cruelty-free, Bio-D’s Furniture Polish is made with a carefully formulated blend of plant-based wax and natural oils (including linseed oil).

Designed to clean, protect and nourish wooden furniture, Bio-D Furniture Polish can be used on any natural wooden surface - from bannisters to bed frames and chairs to cabinets. Simply apply with a clean soft cloth and buff gently.

Over time, regularly using this polish will help protect your furniture against wear and tear, finger marks and even spillages.

Packaged in an aluminium tin, Bio-D Furniture Polish is an 100% plastic free product. It is proudly produced in the UK using sustainable materials.


Plant Based Wax, Natural Oils

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you polish wood furniture without chemicals?

Made from 100% natural ingredients, Bio-D’s Furniture Polish is a fantastic way to keep your wooden furniture in tip-top condition, without the use of harmful chemicals. The plant-based wax is designed to adds shine and protection, while the linseed oil is there to naturally nourish wood over time.

Conventional furniture polishes often contain petrochemicals, mineral spirits, mineral oils and other toxins that can cause harm to both people and planet - including skin irritation, allergies, respiratory problems, degradation to aquatic life and air pollution.