Bio-D - Dishwasher Powder, 720g

Bio-D - Dishwasher Powder, 720g

Brand - Bio-D
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Quick Description

Looking for an ethically made and cruelty-free dishwasher powder? Look no further than Bio-D Dishwasher Powder, it’s simple, effective and eco-friendly.

Key information

  • An Ethical Consumer Best Buy Dishwasher Powder
  • Allergy UK Certified: suitable for people with most allergies
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Effective at cleaning dishes and cutlery

Product overview

Bio-D Dishwasher Powder is a strong choice for conscious consumers who have the planet in mind. Need proof? Ethical Consumer Best Buy highlighted this product for its ethical manufacturing thanks to the team at Bio-D. Staunchly cruelty-free and vegan, this dishwasher powder has been made with care and love.

Also safe for people with allergies, this Bio-D Dishwasher Powder is Allergy UK Certified, so you can get your dishes clean without anxiety! Made with sustainable raw materials, this Dishwasher Powder is free from nasty chemical nonsense.

On top of all this, Bio-D Dishwasher Powder is brilliantly effective on your dishes, cutting through grease, food residue and grime like there’s no tomorrow!


5-15%: Oxygen-based bleaching agents, Polycarboxylates. Below 5%: Phosphonates, Nonionic Surfactants.

Frequently asked questions

How much Bio-D Dishwasher Powder should I use?

One dessert spoon’s worth of Bio-D Dishwasher Powder is enough to get your dishes sparkling clean! Make sure you set your dishwasher to an eco cycle setting to use less energy, too.