Billington's - Golden Natural Unrefined Caster Sugar Multiple Sizes

Billington's - Golden Natural Unrefined Caster Sugar Multiple Sizes

Brand - Billington's
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Quick Description

Bring more sweetness into your life with Billington’s Golden Natural Unrefined Caster Sugar. This staple product is a must-have in everyone’s kitchen!

Key Information

  • Golden, unrefined caster sugar
  • Grown and farmed in Mauritius
  • Perfect for baking biscuits, cakes, and more!
  • Available in 500g or 1kg 
  • Vegan-friendly

Product Overview

Ensure all your staple ingredients are of the highest quality by buying products like Billington’s Golden Natural Unrefined Caster Sugar. 

This caster sugar from Billington’s is fine in texture and deeply rich in flavour. It’s a product of working closely with the Mauritian growers and producers that create this naturally golden caster sugar. It will highly elevate any recipe you choose to make with it!

Billington’s caster sugar is unrefined, meaning it doesn’t go through chemical processing during the manufacturing process. If you’re going to be consuming sugar, you want to be consuming sugar like Billington’s.

This product is available in 500g or 1kg. 


Unrefined Caster Sugar

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between unrefined and refined sugar?

Refined and unrefined sugar contain the same level of sweetness, but there are key differences in the manufacturing processes. Refined sugar goes through a chemical process that removes sugar cane’s natural nutrients and minerals, and also leaves a chemical residue. Unrefined sugar retains nutrients and minerals such as calcium and magnesium. It is also slightly brown in colour as it retains the molasses.