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Better You - Magnesium Gel, 150ml

Better You - Magnesium Gel, 150ml

Brand - Better You
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Quick Description

Better You Magnesium Gel provides targeted application for joints and muscles to ease and support muscle function and get your muscles feeling relaxed.

Key Information

  • 1ml of gel provides 100 mg of magnesium
  • Helps support relaxation in joints and muscles
  • Ideal for use during exercise and after exercise
  • Free from pollutants, heavy metals, and palm oil
  • Comes from natural source and is a pure formulation

Product Overview

Better You Magnesium Gel could be just the thing for you when it comes to joint and muscle support.

Magnesium has a number of potential benefits, including supporting normal muscle function, maintaining healthy bones, and promoting the relaxation of muscles and joints. When applied topically, it easily targets the areas that need support the most.

With 100mg of magnesium per 1ml gel, and with a high absorption rate, whether used during or after exercise, this gel might just be the thing you need to support relaxation and overall well-being.

Better You Magnesium Gel is a pure formula that is naturally sourced. It is also completely free from pollutants, heavy metals, and palm oil.

Directions for use

Simply apply a small amount and massage well into the skin to stimulate absorption. The perfect time to apply this is just after a shower or bath since the skin is warm and the pores open. Apply anywhere on the body, but avoid delicate areas such as the eyes. Reapply whenever needed.


Concentrated solution of Zechstein Inside® magnesium chloride hexahydrate (30% concentration), hydroxypropyl starch phosphate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this transdermal magnesium be used during pregnancy?

With no dosage restrictions, transdermal magnesium is completely safe to use during pregnancy. While it is advised to avoid some essential oils during pregnancy, the ones included in Better You products are classified as safe. However, to address any concerns regarding your health when using this product, consult your midwife or doctor.

Client Reviews

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Better You - Magnesium Gel, 150ml
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