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Beech's - Luxury Dark Chocolate Brazils

Multiple Sizes

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Quick Description

Lavish yourself in luxury with Beech's Luxury Dark Chocolate Brazils. Rich, succulent, intense. Exquisite flavour, exquisite crunch. It’s the ultimate indulgence.

Key Information

  • Fine Brazil nuts coated in rich, dark chocolate
  • Available in 2 different sizes for any occasion
  • British-made in Preston, Lancashire since 1920
  • Family-owned brand
  • Gluten-free

Product Overview

Introducing Beech's Luxury Dark Chocolate Brazils. Fine, whole Brazil nuts lavishly coated in thick, velvety dark chocolate. Indulgence done right.

An elegant selection of chocolate brazils, each with a full-bodied, deeply dark bite and a rich, nutty aroma - all senses tantalized. Vegan, gluten-free and deliciously moreish. Your first bite is never your last.

Tempted? Join the dark side. Whether it’s alongside a glass of wine or as an exquisite after-dinner treat - snack with utmost sophistication. It’s the ultimate delicious yet nutritious snack that’s rich in selenium.

Unsure which size to get? The 90g bag is the perfect size to indulge in little by little each evening or to share over a glass of wine with a loved one. The 145g bag is for the sharers of the world - indulge in a larger selection so that no one leaves unsatisfied.


Brazil Nuts, Cocoa Butter, Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin.
Allergens: Soy, Tree Nuts (Brazil Nuts).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Beech's Chocolates made?

Since 1920, Beech’s has made quality, traditional British chocolates from Preston, Lancashire.

What’s special about Beech’s chocolate?

⁠⁠Beech’s has been in the business of chocolate making for a long time. To this day, Beech’s remains family-owned and operates from the same site where it all began. Traditional, delicious, expertly crafted chocolate - then, now and forever.

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Beech's - Luxury Dark Chocolate Brazils
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