Atkins & Potts - Rosehip Syrup, 200g

Atkins & Potts - Rosehip Syrup, 200g
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Atkins & Potts - Rosehip Syrup, 200g

Brand - Atkins & Potts
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Quick Description

With a floral, fruity & sweet-sharp flavour, Atkins & Potts Rosehip Syrup is perfect for drizzling over creamy vegan desserts or making into a warming hot drink.

Key Information

  • Traditional handcrafted rosehip syrup
  • Sweet, tangy and fruity flavour
  • Delicious drizzled over vegan desserts
  • Can be stirred into hot water to make a soothing hot drink
  • Award-winning artisanal family food business

Product Overview

Atkins & Potts Rosehip Syrup is a traditional wildcrafted syrup with a beautiful cerise colour and tangy, floral and fruity flavour. It is handcrafted in small batches to produce a home-style syrup that will evoke happy memories of hedgerow foraging on sunny autumn afternoons.

Rosehips are the little red seed pods that are produced after the petals drop from wild roses. They have been used for centuries to make a sweet syrup, prized for its healing qualities and unique flavour.

Atkins & Potts Rosehip Syrup is delicious drizzled over creamy vegan desserts such as panna cotta, rice pudding, ice cream, and cheesecake. It can also be used to brighten up your breakfast, swirled through yoghurt or porridge.

This fragrant syrup can be used to make a warming and refreshing hot drink, perfect for when you’re feeling under the weather. Simply stir a spoonful of Atkins & Potts Rosehip Syrup into a mug of hot water and enjoy. You could also add grated ginger and lemon slices for even more cold-fighting goodness.


Sugar, Water, Rosehip Juice Concentrate (10%).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Atkins & Potts Rosehip Syrup contain vitamin C?

Atkins & Potts Rosehip Syrup is made with 10% concentrated rosehip juice. Rosehips are a rich source of vitamin C as well as vitamins A, D, E and B. They are also packed with antioxidants such as lycopene and beta-carotene.

Rosehips have been used for centuries in traditional herbal and folk medicine for their anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.