Amaizin - Organic Taco Shells, 150g

Amaizin - Organic Taco Shells, 150g
Amaizin - Organic Taco Shells, 150g - Nutrition Facts
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Amaizin - Organic Taco Shells, 150g

Brand - Amaizin
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Quick Description

Delicious gluten-free Organic Taco Shells you can fill with a variety of tasty fillings. Enjoy them with a nutritious vegetable medley or a crisp fresh salad.

Key Information

  • Organic
  • Contains 12 shells
  • Made from an authentic recipe
  • Gluten-Free and Wheat-Free
  • Palm Oil Free

Product Overview

These delicious, crisp organic taco shells are a versatile and tasty addition to any Mexican-inspired meal. Devour them as part of your main meal or as a mouth-watering delectable side. Versatile, organic and easy to prepare, these wonderful taco shells will bring joy to any mealtime.

Try filling the shells with a healthy, fresh, crisp, green salad as a light snack. For a more filling main meal, pack them with some lovely seasoned refried beans or a colourful medley of some fragrantly spiced vegetables. 

Top the filled tacos with a gorgeous fire-flamed salsa nestled in with some chunky guacamole. To finish, sprinkle with a handful of freshly grated vegan cheese. For a more fiery flavour, add a few jalapenos to complete the full experience. Pop in the oven for 10-15 minutes at 150°C to melt the cheese and enjoy!

Made from an authentic Mexican recipe, these tacos are made from organically farmed corn and fried in coconut oil.


Ground corn, vegetable oil (coconut), water.
from Organic farming

Frequently Asked Questions

What Ingredients Can Be Used To Make The Taco Stuffing?

Use a combination of thinly sliced sweet peppers, red onions, ripe avocados, fresh tomatoes, crisp shredded lettuce, and black beans as a filling. Top with a handful of torn coriander to serve.

Why not make some piquant salsa to add or some flavoursome guacamole for the full dining experience.