Al'fez - Sumac Spice, 38g

Al'fez - Sumac Spice, 38g
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Al'fez - Sumac Spice, 38g

Brand - Al'fez
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Quick Description

Al'fez Sumac Spice is made from dried, crushed sumac berries. This coarse spice is great on grilled meat substitudes and sprinkled on fresh salads.

Key Information

  • Contains 100% Sumac Berry Granules
  • All-natural
  • Source of energy and protein
  • No Added Sugars or Salt
  • Naturally vegan

Product Overview

Every Al'fez Sumac Spice jar contains all-natural sumac berry granules. There is nothing added to the mix like sugars and salt.

Sumac spice brings a tangy and sharp lemon flavour to dishes. Its flavour profile is similar to lemon juice, but it’s more balanced and less tart. Think of it as a less sour alternative that has a peppery kick to it. For those wondering how spicy the spice is, it’s only at a medium level.

Sumac spice works well in a marinade and as a topping on salads. It can also elevate rice dishes and add a little extra flavour to couscous. Its lemony profile also makes it a great ingredient for syrup to mix with drinks. Sumac margaritas, anyone?


100% Sumac Berry Granulesh

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sumac Berries and where do they come from?

Grown in the wild in parts of Turkey and the Middle East, sumac berries are often used as a dye and used for medicinal purposes. They are often dried, ground, and used as a spice in Lebanese, Syrian, Turkish and Iranian cuisines.

Sumac berries have also been known to have potential health benefits, such as providing relief of exercise-induced muscle pain and controlling blood sugar.