Alara - Organic Scottish Oats Gluten-Free Porridge, 500g

Alara - Organic Scottish Oats Gluten-Free Porridge, 500g

Brand - Alara
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Quick Description

Breakfast will never be the same again once you’ve tasted Alara’s amazing high-fibre Organic Scottish Oats Gluten-Free Porridge.

Key Information

  • Amazing organic oats grown in beautiful, wild Scotland
  • Completely whole grain and gluten-free
  • Wonderful source of fibre
  • Absolutely no added sugar
  • Contains beta-glucan that can help keep your blood cholesterol low

Product Overview

Tired of having to sacrifice flavour or health when it comes to deciding what to eat in the morning? Well, enjoy an amazing, nutritious breakfast with Alara’s Organic Scottish Oats Gluten-Free Porridge. These oats are organic, whole grain and gluten-free - packed with healthy value.

Grown in gorgeous Scotland where nature is unspoiled, the long summer sun and fertile soils really are the ideal conditions to create tasty oats with an exceptional nutritional profile.

An amazing source of fibre, these oats contain beta-glucan which can help keep your cholesterol low. There is no added sugar in these oats, so if you have a sweet tooth feel free to add your favourite sweetener when preparing the porridge.

To prepare:

Mix 40g of Scottish porridge oats with 180ml of your preferred milk alternative or water.

Hob: Cook for a few minutes whilst stirring constantly until the desired consistency is reached.
Microwave: Cook for 3 minutes then stir thoroughly and leave for 1 minute.


Organic gluten-free oat flakes, grown in Scotland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Alara use no plastic packaging?

It is all about sustainability, reducing waste and generally caring about the environment. The inner bags used in Alara cereals may look like plastic, but they are actually a very special type of see-through paper made with eucalyptus cellulose. It can simply be added to a home's compost heap and allow three months for it to return to the soil.