47° North - Organic Grade A Canadian Maple Syrup

47° North - Organic Grade A Canadian Maple Syrup

Brand - 47° North
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Quick Description

47° North’s Organic Grade A Canadian Maple Syrup is sweet, sticky and sublime; a gorgeously glass-bottled gift from the deep forests of eastern Canada.

Key Information

  • Notes of vanilla and caramel
  • Lower GI than other sugar syrups
  • Full of flavour and antioxidants
  • Sweetness deriving from natural fructose
  • Notes of vanilla and caramel
  • 100% Single source

Product Overview

Sweet, sticky and treacly, 47° North’s Organic Grade A Canadian Maple Syrup is a woodland wonder. This maple syrup comes from trees in the untouched forests of eastern Canada. 

47° North’s Organic Grade A Canadian Maple Syrup boasts a lower glycaemic index than other sugary syrups and is naturally sweet due to its fructose content. With no added sweeteners, colours or flavours, 47° North is proud to produce the purest tree syrup around. 

The name 47° North comes from the latitude of the company’s South Ridge Maple Farm, which is between the ancient Appalachian foothills and the Acadian forest. The process of syrup production begins with a tiny hole in one of the maple trees. The syrup producers drill for sap and then boil and filter it to create this gorgeous sweet treat. 

You can mix this syrup into porridge in the morning or make homemade granola with coconut oil and cinnamon. 


Pure Single Source Maple Syrup*


Frequently Asked Questions

What does 47° North mean by single-source origin and why is it better?

Single-source syrup, like this Organic Grade A Canadian Maple Syrup, is produced from sap harvested from a single farm source. Because it isn’t mixed with syrup from other sources, there is more quality control in the manufacturing process, which in turn produces a higher quality syrup.

Non-single-source syrups are made by blending low and high-quality syrups together. This is to cut costs and meet consumer demands. The inclusion of some high-quality syrup allows brands to use words such as ‘pure’ and ‘Grade A’ even if the overall syrup quality is poor. 

47° North is one of few maple syrup producers in Canada that takes sap from its own trees and bottles its own syrup. 47° North makes pure, organic syrup that is never blended with other maple syrups.