Vegan Gifts

We think that the best gifts for vegans are thoughtful ones. Luckily, it has become easier to get the perfect vegan gifts. You can get a luxury vegan hamper for those special occasions or a beautiful vegan food hamper for everyday celebrations.

Did you know that you can also get tailor-made gifts? There are vegan Christmas gifts, vegan birthday gifts, vegan gifts for women, vegan gifts for men… heck, there are even vegan gifts for couples! 

The appeal of vegan hampers is their convenience - and the presentation! Who doesn’t love receiving a beautiful hamper packed with plant-based goodness? No need to think about what pairs well with what. It’s all been thought out! Also, it’s great value for your hard-earned moolah! A whole box of goodies instead of just one small gift - well, that speaks for itself!

Why Consider Gifting Vegan Hampers?

Vegan hampers aren’t just gifts for vegans. They can be gifted to everyone!

Loads of people can appreciate the value of a vegan hamper. Even those without any food allergies and dietary restrictions can appreciate a vegan gift like this. A vegan hamper won’t necessarily make people change their lifestyle in an instant, but it’s a step in the right direction. When they see what goodies come in a vegan food hamper, they might consider getting it themselves - every bit towards helping our planet is appreciated.

Plus, a vegan food hamper is a wonderful way of saying that you care for the recipient’s health. Vegan food may be healthier than the food they’re already eating. Vegan products are often free from chemicals and artificial ingredients, and they still taste amazing. 

Also, vegan gifts are often perceived to be more expensive. While that’s not always the case, you can use that to your advantage! Your friends and loved ones will thank you for your “extravagant” vegan present! Trust us - the thought will definitely count!

Top Vegan Products to Gift Someone

Vegan Food Hamper

This one is a go-to vegan gift, isn’t it? After all, who doesn’t love food? Everyone needs it to survive! Vegan food gifts are a great way to introduce people to the lifestyle. While you can’t expect them to turn over a new leaf so quickly, they might consider going for the vegan alternatives sometimes. And that’s a great start!

Vegan Wine Gifts

If you think vegan wine gifts consist of just wine, well think again! Vegan cheese, delicious crackers, and even some tasty vegan appetizers can complete vegan wine gifts. What appetizers, you might wonder, makes an appearance? Olives, dates, and some figs! Those often go well with wine.

Vegan Beauty Hamper

What’s in a vegan beauty hamper? Yes, it could have your typical beauty products like vegan body lotion, vegan shampoo, vegan soap, and vegan face masks. But they can also contain more luxurious items like anti-ageing creams, moisturisers, conditioners, and loofahs. All kinds of vegan skin care and facial care products can make a vegan beauty hamper great!

Vegan Eco-Friendly Gifts

Tableware, kitchen essentials…there are loads of vegan eco-friendly gifts out there. Wooden salad bowl sets, scented candles, and soap dishes make great housewarming gifts. Do plants count as vegan eco-friendly gifts? Why not! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vegan chocolates good to gift a vegan person?

Of course! A lot of chocolate already leans on the vegan side and they make excellent vegan gifts to just about anybody! You don’t HAVE to be a vegan to enjoy vegan chocolate. 

There are also loads of options to choose from under the vegan chocolate spectrum. You have vegan chocolate made from oat milk, almond milk, and even soy milk (to name a few). Aside from the dairy-free milk chocolate, you can also get different ranges of dark chocolate to gift!

Vegan chocolate gifts also make fantastic stocking stuffers. You can get them as vegan Easter gifts as well. Of course, Valentine’s Day is one of the best days to give these to your special someone. It’s no ordinary chocolate you’re giving away. These are delicious and specially made chocolate!

What kind of vegan hampers are available to gift?

Take your pick! As you can see from our selections, we have a range of different vegan hampers perfect for gifting. They make personal and thoughtful gifts to your loved ones. 

You’ll find just about a vegan hamper for any occasion. Christmas? Easter? Valentine's Day? New Year’s Day? Yes, there’s one vegan hamper for every occasion if you know where to look. Here at PlantX, we do release seasonal and holiday boxes so check back on our website frequently.

If you’re looking for a just-thinking-about-you box, pick one of our seasonal ones. What better way to show you care than with a vegan gift box? 

What products are included in a vegan gift basket?

There aren't specific products you’ll find in every vegan hamper every time. Vegan gift boxes contain an assortment of products. There are, of course, products that you’d expect to find in a box. For example, a Mother’s Day gift box would obviously contain some chocolates. But you can also find something unique like a face mask or a scented candle! 

You can say that we literally thought outside the vegan gift box!

What do you give a vegan for Christmas?

Well, a vegan gift box is always a good idea if you ask us. Our team at PlantX has specifically thought of which item would be perfect for the holiday season! Find your vegan Christmas gift box here!

You may notice that some of our vegan gift boxes contain cake mixes or brownie mixes. If you don’t have that much to spend on a whole gift box, maybe you can spend some time in the kitchen making your loved one a cake!