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We understand how hard it can be to find 100% clean, vegan and cruelty-free products. It’s a bit of a minefield out there and it can be difficult to know where to start!

So we’ve cut out the middle man for you with a selection of our favourite vegan and cruelty-free bath & body products. Whether it's shower products, shampoo, bubble bath, soap or body products. There’s something for everyone.

Body Products

Finding vegan and organic body products can be a challenge. Many body washes and soaps are made with harmful ingredients that are cheap to produce but not so great for our skin or the planet.

We stock a fantastic selection of body lotions, soaps & scrubs that are vegan, cruelty-free AND organic! Why not check them out here

Shower Products 

Most body washes, shampoos and conditioners too often contain nasty chemicals like parabens and SLES that are known to damage the hair and skin, stripping them of their natural oils. Sadly, many shower products are also tested on animals, leaving us with little to work with when it comes to vegan shower products!

Luckily, here at PlantX, we offer a great range of vegan shampoos, conditioners and body washes that are not only good for us humans and animals but the planet, too! 

Bath Products 

Sometimes all you need is a relaxing bath surrounded by candles and filled with luxurious bubbles. But what if you could relax, unwind and do your bit for the planet all at the same time? 

Now you can! At PlantX, we sell all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free bath products from companies based in the UK and beyond. Make the green choice and have a browse of our bubble baths, soaps and body washes today. You won’t regret it. 

Which Brands Do You Stock? 

We stock hundreds of brands here at PlantX. And when it comes to Bath & Body products, we have a lot for you to choose from!

If you’re looking for all-natural and sustainable shampoos and conditioners, try checking out our selection of Faith in Nature products to get started.

Or if you’re after a plastic-free soap alternative but just can’t find one anywhere, let us introduce you to Friendly Soap which offers a wide range of natural soaps packaged in 100% sustainable packaging. 

UK-based company Green People also specialises in organic products such as shampoos, cleansers, SPF and even toothpaste!

For essential oil-based, cruelty-free bath & body products, you should also check out our range of products from EO. You won’t be disappointed!

What Is The Leaping Bunny Certification?

You’ve probably come across the Leaping Bunny icon when shopping for all kinds of products. But what exactly does it mean?

Many brands can be misleading when it comes to testing on animals. It can be very difficult to work out if a company is cruelty-free and it often requires a lot of digging!

The Leaping Bunny Program has been helping consumers access cruelty-free products for over 25 years. With eight animal protection groups and under its Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals, Leaping Bunny works with companies to help make purchasing animal-free products as easy and as trustworthy as possible. 

The Leaping Bunny Certification requires that every year, companies commit (and recommit) to remain cruelty-free throughout all stages of product development. 

So what are you waiting for? Have a browse of our vegan and cruelty-free bath & body products below and find out what works best for you. Happy shopping!

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