Coconut sugar - Benefits, Facts And Uses

Coconut sugar - Benefits, Facts And Uses

If you’re the type of person who’s interested in healthier food options, chances are you’ve already heard about coconut sugar. Once the new cool kid on the block, this sugar alternative has found its way to many supermarket shelves and health food stores. But what is behind the craze? What actually is coconut sugar?

In this article, we’re going to dive head first into the delicious power of coconut sugar. We’ll find out how it’s made, what it’s good for, and how you can incorporate it into a healthy diet and wellness routine. Let’s go!

What is coconut sugar?

What is coconut sugar?

Coconut sugar, also known as coconut palm sugar, is a natural sugar that comes from - you guessed it! - coconut trees. More specifically, it comes from the sweet sap that flows through coconut palms, as opposed to being made from the coconuts themselves.

Dark and golden with a caramel-y taste, coconut sugar has become a very popular sugar alternative. As opposed to white sugar, it has a deep and complex flavour – one that pairs well with many dishes and desserts. 

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This nut-derived sugar is 100% plant-based and undergoes minimal processing before it lands on your table. Consequently, organic coconut sugar has become very popular all around the world. It is a great option for those wanting to avoid hyper-processed white cane sugar.

How is coconut sugar made?

The process of making organic coconut sugar starts by first extracting the sap from coconut palms grown on organic farms. Harvesters start by finding healthy coconut palms with large flower bud stems. Once identified, the extraction begins.

First, a small incision is made on the stem. This gains access to all the sweet nectar lying within – the blueprint for delicious organic coconut sugar. Once the source has been tapped, they’ll collect the nectar from the palm.

Next, the coconut sap is dehydrated. The harvesters place the sap under heat for a long period of time, gradually removing most of the water. 

After a while and once the water has been extracted, what you have left is dark, crystallised pieces of coconut sugar. These are then broken up into a texture similar to conventional brown sugar. After that, you have nothing but 100% pure and delicious organic coconut sugar – ready for eating!

How is coconut sugar used?

Much like other kinds of sugar, coconut sugar is a very versatile product. It is a natural sweetener, meaning it can be mixed into beverages and meals for a caramel-y and sweet taste. 

It can be used at a 1:1 ratio for recipes calling for regular sugar, and it has a low melt temperature and a high burn temperature, which makes it great for baking.

Coconut sugar is often used in many healthier food alternatives. For example, it’s used in Raw Halo - Mylk + Pink Himalayan Salt Organic Raw Chocolate, as well as in Ombar - Organic Centres Raspberry & Coconut Chocolate Bar.

Organic coconut sugar is also great for incorporating into your skin routine - it’s a great natural exfoliator and a make-up remover – one that you can make yourself. Keep reading on to find out how!

What are some of the benefits of coconut sugar?

What are some of the benefits of coconut sugar?

Organic coconut sugar is a great sugar alternative for many reasons. Not only is the way it is made more natural, but it is also a source of some essential vitamins and nutrients. While all sugars should always play a minimal part in your diet, there are a few reasons why organic coconut sugar can be a great addition to your diet. 

1. Natural & Unprocessed

One benefit of eating coconut sugar is that it is a natural unprocessed sweetener. As dehydrated coconut palm sap, this sugar is a completely plant-powered source of sweetness. That means you can enjoy it as part of a vegan diet.

Moreover, organic coconut sugar like Biona Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is unrefined, unfiltered and unbleached. That means you can enjoy pesticide-free coconut blossoms and a delicious taste without any of the baddies.

2. A Source of Vitamins & Nutrients

Because of its natural sourcing, organic coconut sugar contains some of the same vitamins and nutrients found in coconut palms. It is known to be a source of calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc. These are all essential components of a well-balanced diet and nutrients that your body will thank you for.

While we don’t recommend consuming a lot of this nut sugar to fulfil your daily nutritional requirements, it’s still a better source than processed white sugars.

3. Preventing Low Blood Sugar

Another benefit of coconut sugar is that it is thought to be a Low GI food. Low GI foods are those that prevent your blood sugar from rising and falling quickly. That means you’ll feel fuller for a longer amount of time, and also feel like you have more energy.

In addition, per serving, it contains a small amount of inulin, a fibre which can help reduce blood sugar spikes, which can be a better alternative for those that suffer with diabetes. Pretty rad!

4. Delicious Butterscotch Taste 

The next benefit of coconut sugar may seem obvious to anyone who has tried it, but it’s very important. What would it be if it weren’t for its delicious, caramel-y taste? That rich brown colour isn’t just for looks – it’s the reason for that deep dark taste we love so much.

Using organic coconut sugar in your cooking or baking is a great way of imparting some of that delicious coconut-y flavour. The nectar has a truly complex range of flavour notes, ones that will give your food that extra special something.

5. Great for Skin Care

great for skincare

As well as being delicious, coconut sugar is also a great natural addition to your skincare routine. Because of its crystalized texture, unprocessed nature, and nutrient count, it’s loved as much by our skin as it is by our tummies.

If you’d like to start using it in your beauty routine, there are two easy ways to get started:

The first is by making a lip scrub. Simply mix together coconut sugar and coconut oil until it resembles the texture of wet sand. Then, rub the mixture on your lips to leave you with rejuvenated, fresh-looking lips.

The next way you could use organic coconut sugar is by making a whole face scrub. This time, make a similar blend to your lip scrub with the addition of vegan honey. Scrub the solution onto your face for a natural exfoliant or make-up remover, then wash thoroughly.

Feeling Nutty?

coconut sugar

All-in-all, organic coconut sugar has a great range of uses and benefits for everyday use. From being a delicious alternative to standard sugar to being a low GI food, it’s sure to become a staple in your daily diet.

But why stop there? Unlock the true wonders of coconut sugar by baking with it, cooking with it, or even using it in your beauty routine! Whatever it is, do so knowing you’re enjoying some truly plant-powered goodness.