Rude Health - Organic Almond Drink Multiple Options

Rude Health - Organic Almond Drink Multiple Options

Brand - Rude Health
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Quick Description

Rude Health’s Organic Almond Drink has a full, nutty flavour, a subtle sweetness and a creamy texture that makes it irresistibly good. 

Key Information

  • Organic, no added sugar
  • Made from Italian sustainably-grown almonds
  • Satisfyingly rich nutty flavour
  • Silky smooth texture
  • Kosher

Product Overview

The deliciously delicate flavour of Rude Health’s Organic Almond Drink is all thanks to the organic Italian almonds with which it is made. Rude Health takes care when sourcing this key ingredient, choosing it not only based on taste but also based on the sustainability of the farming methods.

The almonds ground up to make this drink come from Sicily where they are grown in a sustainable manner that uses less water. They also have a satisfyingly sweet flavour with a subtle bitter depth.

Organic rice is used to give this Almond Drink the smooth creamy texture that makes it such a superior milk alternative.

Rude Health’s Organic Almond Drink can be stirred into tea or coffee, or frothed up on top of a cappuccino. It adds a smooth texture and nutty flavour to smoothies and is the perfect planet and animal-friendly drink to pour over your breakfast.


Natural Spring Water, Organic Rice, Organic Italian Almonds (1%), Organic Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘Rude Health’ mean?

‘Rude health’ is an old-fashioned British phrase meaning good health. The company Rude Health adopted this name to reflect their aim to produce food that looks after the health of people and the planet.