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Good Hemp - Barista Hemp Seed Drink, 1L

Good Hemp - Barista Hemp Seed Drink, 1L

Brand - Good Hemp
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Quick Description

Say hello to frothy coffee perfection with Good Hemp’s Barista Hemp Seed Drink. Sweet, thick, and frothable. Level up your coffee game right from your own kitchen.

Key Information

  • Natural, 100% vegan source of Omega 3 and 6
  • Hemp replenishes soil as it grows - good for you and the planet! 
  • No nuts, dairy, or gluten
  • Perfect for frothing
  • Sweet, thick, and creamy
  • Splash in coffees, tea, cereal, or use as a baking ingredient. 

Product Overview

Fed up of having to trek to your local coffee shop every morning to get that killer flat white, creamy cappuccino or frothy latte? Say no more... 

Good Hemp’s Barista Hemp Seed Drink is just the thing for you. Designed with coffee lovers in mind, the Barista Hemp Seed Drink is carefully formulated to make sure you get the finest quality coffee straight from your kitchen. Every. Single. Time.

Made with hemp seeds, expect perfectly creamy coffee that is naturally rich in omega 3 and 6. Sweet, thick, smooth, and frothable - treat your body and mind sip after sip. 

Intrigued yet? Try for yourself. We know you’ll love it. It’s perfect in your tea and morning porridge too!


Water, pure malt extract, hemp seed base (4%), acidity regulator (potassium phosphate), emulsifier (sunflower seed extract), stabiliser (gellan gum).

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Hemp milk contain Marijuana?

We know what you’re thinking … ‘Hemp milk?! I can’t possibly serve this to my mum when she’s over for a catch-up’ However, not to worry, hemp is different from it’s famous cousin Marijuana. 

Hemp is part of the cannabis family, however contains no THC, and you only ever find CBD in its leaves. Good Hemp only uses hemp seeds to form their creamy barista blend. So, you can sip away safely in the knowledge that you won't get yourself high (or any relatives you make coffee for either!).

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Good Hemp - Barista Hemp Seed Drink, 1L
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