Plants Online – PlantX UK

We only order in small-scale batches. This ensures that:

indoor plants

The plants are managed properly and in a controlled environment - they all receive the proper care and maintenance before making their way to your home.

plant shipping

Each plant is hand-wrapped for shipping to increase plant protection, ensuring that it arrives at its destination as healthy as possible.

household plants

All plants are individually watered and cared for - we treat them like they’re our very own houseplants!

plant quality

Quality is uniform throughout, so you get healthier, more robust plants.

Kay Stratichuk

Meet our Director of Greenhouse Operations Canada

Kay has her diploma in horticulture, has worked in various large-scale greenhouses, specializes in the care and maintenance of a wide variety of tropical plants and is an avid plant lover and collector. She also has over 5 years of experience in logistics and working in large scale fulfillment warehouses and is a quality control specialist and trainer, and operational manager. In short, your plants are in good hands!

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