Searching for a satisfying breakfast that’s packed with essential nutrients? Welcome to the wonderful world of vegan breakfast food! 

Whether you’re in the mood for a stack of fluffy pancakes drenched in maple syrup, a nutrient-dense granola bowl with plenty of fresh fruits, or a full fry-up with vegan eggs, sausages, bacon, and more, we’ve got 100% vegan breakfast options for every occasion. 

Vegan breakfast food is full of exciting variety and packed with plant-powered nourishment. They will give you all the energy you need to ace that workout, smash that meeting or write that paper! Explore our collection of plant based breakfast food and wake up to plant-based perfection. 

What is Vegan Breakfast Food? 

Vegan breakfast food is a breakfast food that is 100% free from animal-derived ingredients. It’s packed with sustaining plant-based nourishment that will give you the energy to take on the day. Just like nonvegan breakfast food, vegan breakfast food offers plenty of sweet and savoury options to suit every taste. 

With vegan cereal, waffles, pancakes, porridge, and even vegan eggs, sausages, and bacon, our collection of high protein vegan breakfast food means you’ll never feel like you’re missing out. 

What are the Benefits of Vegan Breakfast Food?

  • Packed with Nutrients 

Vegan breakfast brands are dedicated to ensuring you get all the nutrients you need. That means healthy vegan breakfast foods are packed with protein, fibre, and healthy fats. Plus, vegan milk and vegan breakfast cereals are usually fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. Eating a varied plant-based breakfast is a fantastic way to start the day. 

  • Energy-Boost 

Unlike dense, high-calorie meat-based breakfasts or sugary cereals, high fibre, high protein vegan breakfast food delivers a delicious boost of slow-release energy. A nourishing plant-based breakfast gives us all the nutrients we need, without that disruptive sugar crash, or using up the energy needed to process heavy meat products.

  • Gut-Friendly Fibre 

Healthy vegan breakfast food is a great source of fibre. Fibre is essential for a healthy digestive system. 

  • Healthy Weight Management

Enjoying a balanced vegan diet may help to promote healthy weight. By avoiding highly processed sugary breakfast foods, or fatty meat products like sausages and bacon, your body can get all the nutrients it needs, without excess calories and saturated fats. 

Is Vegan Breakfast Food Healthy?

Not all vegan breakfast food is necessarily healthy. For example, many sugary cereals are also vegan. However, here at PlantX, we are committed to providing you with deliciously healthy vegan breakfast options. The best vegan breakfast food is a fantastic source of plant protein, fibre, healthy fats, and essential vitamins and minerals. 

Vegan Breakfast Food - Top Picks 

Creamy, rich, and mildly flavoured, this sustainable oat milk is the perfect addition to your vegan breakfast cereal, porridge, pancake batter, and even your morning coffee. Low in saturated fats and cholesterol, this organic oat milk is packed with protein, fibre and other essential nutrients.

Made with high protein buckwheat flour and other natural ingredients, this gluten-free pancake mix is one of the best vegan breakfast options. It couldn’t be simpler to whip up a batch of these tasty vegan pancakes. For an extra decadent treat, enjoy them with maple syrup and vegan bacon! 

Crispy, smokey, and oh-so-satisfying, this plant-based vegan bacon is perfect for an indulgent vegan breakfast. Simply sizzle in a skillet and then enjoy with vegan eggs, a stack of pancakes, or in a tasty vegan breakfast BLT.

Packed with fibre, protein, and brain-boosting Omega 3, this vegan breakfast granola will deliver a boost of slow-release energy that will keep you going until lunchtime. Serve with a splash of your favourite plant milk and some chopped banana and fresh strawberries. 

Vegan Breakfast Ideas 

  • Oat Porridge

Oats are one of the healthiest whole grains around and will keep you feeling full and satisfied. Simply grab some oats, plant milk, and your favourite toppings and you’ve got yourself a quick, easy, and seriously nourishing vegan breakfast.

  • Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

Ideal for crisp autumn mornings, vegan cinnamon rolls are a great way to test out your baking skills. Sweet, buttery, and packed with warm spices, whip up some homemade vegan breakfast pastries to nibble on with an oat milk latte and a good book.

  • Spinach, Pineapple & Jalapeno Smoothie

Vibrant, zesty and seriously energising, this healthy vegan breakfast is a spicy twist on a classic green smoothie. Just blend some sliced cucumber with 1 handful of spinach, a few chunks of fresh pineapple, 1 cup of water, 1 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice and 1 slice of green jalapeno pepper and drink up! 

  • Raspberry Cheesecake Smoothie

If you prefer something more creamy, try blending raspberries, goji berries, chia seeds, and cashews with your favourite plant milk. This berry-tastic smoothie is creamy, fruity, and bursting with nutrients. Cashews and chia seeds are a great source of protein, healthy fats, and omega-3, while raspberries and goji berries are packed with cleansing antioxidants. 

  • Carrot Bacon

Crisp, smokey, and deliciously sweet-salty, you can make vegan bacon from none other than the humble carrot. Super easy to prepare, enjoy some healthy vegan breakfast bacon with vegan eggs, pancakes, or in a vegan breakfast sandwich. 


Does Vegan Breakfast Food Have Fewer Calories?

Lots of vegan breakfast options are low in calories and high in nutrients. Free from high-fat breakfast meats and high-sugar cereals, enjoying a plant-based breakfast is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. 

If you are counting the calories, opt for healthy vegan breakfasts with high fibre whole grains, fruits and veggies, healthy fats, and lean plant-based proteins. It’s important to make sure you get enough nutrients from your vegan breakfast to feel full and satisfied and to avoid high-calorie snacking later on.

What Breakfast Food is Gluten-Free?

Plenty of the best vegan breakfast options are also gluten-free. Here at PlantX, we always try to cater to as many dietary requirements as possible. That’s why we have a fantastic collection of delicious gluten-free vegan breakfast foods. You’ll find gluten-free cereals, oatmeal, pancake mixes, bread, as well as savoury options such as gluten-free vegan bacon, sausage, and egg. 

To find more delicious gluten-free vegan breakfast foods, just use our handy Gluten-Free filter. You’ll find it in the left-hand sidebar under Health & Ingredients

What do Vegans Eat For Breakfast Instead of Eggs?

Eggs are an essential part of a classic British breakfast. So what do you eat when you want to lead a cruelty-free, plant-based lifestyle? Thanks to plant-based pioneering, there are plenty of chicken-friendly options you can enjoy as part of a high protein vegan breakfast! 

Check out our diverse range of vegan eggs, perfect for scrambles, omelettes, batters, shakshuka, and more!

Can Vegans Eat Porridge?

With a few changes, vegans can absolutely enjoy porridge. In fact, we think it’s one of the best vegan breakfast foods. Packed with slow-release energy, gut-friendly fibre, and essential vitamins and minerals, oats are one of the most nourishing grains on the planet.

While porridge is traditionally made with dairy milk, it can easily be made with plant milk. We love making oatmeal with oat milk for an oaty extravaganza!