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I’m going level with you and let you in on a little secret. We all know in the UK we don't have the best of luck with the weather. But did you know we do have the ability to grow mint? Like, really fast. Insanely fast. It’s the easiest herb to grow in England.

And once you have mint, well, you are halfway to a mojito already! After I discovered that, I had handfuls of the stuff growing in a little pot by my window! Making my own mojitos has never been easier.

But not just any mojitos. The most traditional authentic Cuban mojitos on the planet! So buckle up because it’s time to get your tropical-island vibes on. I can almost give you a money-back guarantee that this cocktail will make you feel like you are in a Caribbean Paradise. Well, maybe after the third or fourth. 


  • Prep Time: 3 minutes
  • Servings: 1

Here’s what you need:

Main Ingredients
  • White Rum - 1 x 25ml shot
  • https://plantx.uk/products/billingtons-fairtrade-light-soft-brown-sugar
  • Fresh Lime - cut in quarters (2 per cocktail)
  • Fresh Mint (about 3-4 leaves per cocktail)
  • Brown Granulated Sugar - 1tsp


  • Activate your mint by placing the leaves in your palm and clapping your hands. It sounds weird I know, but what it does is releases the oils and aromatics of the herb. You don’t need to clap continuously, just a couple of smacks will do. You can then place it in your glass.
  • Cut the lime in quarters and squeeze 2 of them over the glass to release the juices. Then throw them in as well. You can then start mashing it together. The ideal utensil to use is called a ‘muddler’ that all well-equipped bars have. If you don’t have a muddler at home, then a pestle or something narrow that can crush the lime and mint together will suffice.
  • Add the brown sugar. I know you think you’re sweet enough but trust me, the brown sugar is vital! Again, begin to pummel away until it all mixes together. A lot of mojito recipes use sugar syrup, but in a classic Cuban mojito, it has to be granulated. It ensures sure the mojito isn't overly sweet and also gives a nice texture as well.
  • Add the shot of white rum. You can use two shots if it's your birthday. Or if it’s a Friday. Or if the sun is out. You know what, for this step just go with your gut, I’m not going to judge you.
  • Make sure it’s all mixed together, then add the ice. Fill it to the brim, then top with soda water. Voila! Sit back and enjoy the ultimate classic Cuban cocktail.
  • Repeat steps 1-5 until you think you can speak Spanish.

Top Tips

  • Use Fresh Ingredients - Mojitos are one of the most refreshing drinks on the planet. One of the main reasons behind this is because of the ingredients. Using fresh mint that you have at home and making sure the limes are ripe, makes all the difference in the world. 

  • Try Crushed Ice - It’s not traditional, and your drink will warm up a lot quicker. But I have to admit, using crushed ice gives your drink that slushy texture that’s amazing. 

  • Try Vegan Honey - Again, never fear! If you have no sugar try vegan honey. 

  • No Limes? Try Lemons -  When life doesn't give you limes, use lemons. It is a twist on the classic mojito, and you will probably need to use another few teaspoons of sugar as well to sweeten it, but it’s still a mojito! 

  • Ginger Ale - Okay, we are really veering off into non-mojito territory now. This definitely isn't classical. But if you want to change things up, then trust me. Ginger ale instead of soda water is incredible for mojitos. 

  • Freeze Your Glasses - Before your guests come over, try freezing your glasses. It makes the drink stay colder, and let's be honest, it just makes it look cooler (pun intended.) 

  • Garnish - Add some mint, reusable straw or maybe even an umbrella. Go crazy. 

  • On Making A Pitcher

  • If you're having a party or just a few people over and want to save loads of time, you can prep the ingredients before. To make mojitos for a crowd, all you need to do is scale up the ingredients and puree them in a blender or food processor. 

    Let it settle for about five minutes, then you can strain it through a sieve or fine mesh strainer. This rum mixture can be made a few hours ahead of time and be a lifesaver when you're entertaining. 

  • Using A Cocktail Shaker

  • So, you have a cocktail shaker and want to use that right? I get it. It’s way more fun, and it looks cool as well. Well, here’s how to do it. All you need to do is throw the mint, lime, rum, sugar and the ice into the shaker, and well, shake it. Do this for about 10-20 seconds then strain it into a glass that has ice in it. Then of course, top with the soda. It will make the drink colder, which is always a good thing. 

  • What Type Of Rum Should I Use For A Mojito?

  • It’s completely up to you, there is just one thing you need to remember. It needs to be white rum! It is generally sweeter and has a more subtle flavour. If you use dark or spiced rum, it will be too overpowering on the mint and lime. This is because dark rum has aged longer, so it’s got a stronger taste. 

  • To Sum Up 

  • So there you have it. The ultimate cocktail that is perfect all year round. The mojito is the drink for good times! It’s like, a law of nature. It really is an easy cocktail to whip and impress people with. There are so many other combinations to try, such as making your own sugar syrup or adding different fruit (raspberry mojitos are divine by the way.) 

    If there’s only one thing you take away from this recipe, it would be to start growing your own mint! Or better yet, get someone you live with to grow mint then steal theirs. And it’s not just mojitos that use it, but there are a lot of other amazing vegan recipes that do. 

    So get creative. Drink responsibly and do try and create the most classic authentic traditional Cuban ultimate cocktail that was ever invented The Mojito! Adios Mis Amigas! 

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make a virgin Mojito?

  • Ah, also known as a mocktail! Simply leave out the rum, and follow every other instruction. Feel free to add some extra sugar as well. 

  • Can you tell me a fun fact about Mojitos, like where they came from? 

  • I’m glad you finally asked, I had nowhere else to put this in my recipe. So did you know, mojitos were actually invented by Sir Francis Drake, who (although loved in the UK) the Spanish considered a ruthless pirate. In their tongue, he was known as El Draque and when he got stranded in Havana, he invented an early version of the mojito. How’s that for an origin story? 

  • Will Mojitos really help me speak Spanish?

  • Highly unlikely. 

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