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Got a sweet tooth? So do we. And nothing satisfies our chocolate craving like a rich and luxurious chocolate truffle. That’s why putting together a mouthwatering range of finger-licking plant-based truffles was our number one priority…

So, what are you waiting for? Get online at PlantX for all the choice you need to buy the best vegan chocolate truffles, including organic truffles and vegan gluten-free truffles. 

Because everyone deserves a delicious chocolate fix, and we are here to deliver just that! 

What are vegan truffles? 

Truffles are a type of chocolate confectionery made from chocolate ganache. They come in the form of small spherical balls which are perfect for scoffing on special occasions and are known for their rich, intense chocolatey taste. They are typically soft and smooth in the centre and can be coated in a harder chocolate shell or simply coated with cocoa powder. They can be kept simple or filled with added caramel, nuts or fruit. Originating from France, chocolate truffles are now enjoyed as a decadent treat that melts in the mouth, giving the ultimate taste of luxury. Vegan truffles are truffles that are totally plant-based, with no added dairy products. 

Are all chocolate truffles vegan? 

The bad news is that no, unfortunately, not all truffles are vegan. Truffles are often made with dairy, both in the ganache mix and in the chocolate content itself. However, the good news is that vegan truffles do exist, and, in fact, some of the most luxurious tasting truffles are vegan. This is because vegan truffles showcase the taste of rich dark chocolate, which when stirred into a creamy chocolate ganache, makes for a luscious, intense plant-based truffle that is not worth missing out on.

Do vegan truffles have health benefits? 

One of our favourite things about chocolate plant-based truffles? They boast their own health benefits. That’s right - we’re not kidding. You may have heard that including a small amount of dark chocolate in your diet is good for your health. This is because cocoa powder is an extremely rich source of polyphenols. Polyphenols are naturally occurring antioxidants that can have powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Because of this, cocoa can provide fantastic health benefits for your whole body. For example, polyphenols have been linked with improving cardiovascular health, as well as our brain function

Because vegan truffles don’t contain dairy products, they can often provide a stronger hit of cocoa in every truffle, meaning they may have more health benefits than a regular truffle. The lack of dairy can mean vegan truffles contain fewer fats and are lactose-free, ticking even more health boxes. 

Obviously, like everything, vegan truffles need to be consumed in the context of a wider balanced diet. Just because they may have health benefits, does not mean they should be scoffed all the time. But, it does mean that you don’t have to feel guilty about sneaking a vegan truffle once in a while! 

Our favourite vegan truffles…

When it comes to buying vegan chocolate truffles, there is one brand that really takes the crown. Here at PlantX we worship at the shrine of Booja Booja. Not only do they make mouthwatering vegan truffles, but they produce them in every flavour and variety we could possibly want. 

If you are looking for a box to share, or to give as a gift, why not try their selection boxes? The Booja Booja Gourmet Selection contains 6 gourmet flavours ready to be enjoyed, the Booja Booja Organic Truffle Selection No.2, showcases organic truffle craftsmanship at its best, and the Booja Booja Award-Winning Truffle Selection is exactly that – award-winning. 

For smaller boxes with epic flavours, try the Booja Booja Organic Almond Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffles. Also award-winning and chewy in all the right ways, these truffles are the ultimate flavour bombs. For a fruity option, why not try the Booja Booja Organic Truffle Strudel? These apple, cinnamon, and toffee numbers are the vegan truffles you didn’t know you needed. 

Finally, for a classic choccy that will never disappoint, try the Booja Booja Organic Hazelnut Crunch Chocolate Truffles. Hazelnut with chocolate is never a bad idea, and with the perfect combination of crunch and smoothness, it's hard not to devour the whole box!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do vegan truffles last? 

The shelf life of a vegan truffle will depend on the ingredients used to make it. However, in general, a vegan chocolate truffle should last from 2-4 weeks. To find out exactly how long your vegan truffles should last, always check the label on the packet. The label should also tell you how your truffles should be stored and if they need to be refrigerated, as the ingredients in some plant-based truffles will only keep well when kept cool. 

Are vegan truffles gluten-free? 

As always, it’s important to check the label to see whether or not a vegan truffle is gluten-free as this varies from brand to brand based on their ingredients. For example, some vegan truffles may contain crispy pieces made from gluten. However, in general, the core ingredients in plant-based truffles are totally gluten-free and most brands (including Booja Booja) keep their truffles that way. This means vegan gluten-free truffles are always easy to buy. Vegan truffles (like Booja Booja) are almost always dairy and soy-free too! For other allergens, always check the packet of your vegan truffles to see if you can eat them before you buy your vegan truffles. 

Can vegan truffles be made at home? 

While it is very easy to find and buy vegan truffles, including vegan organic truffles, online at PlantX, it is also possible to make vegan truffles at home. Recipes often combine vegan coconut milk or coconut cream with dark chocolate to create a ganache. Making homemade vegan truffles is a great way of making your vegan truffles exactly how you want them. However, if (like us) you’re too lazy, our Booja Booja options can save you the effort and are affordable!

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