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Have you ever whipped up a bowl of pasta and felt like something is missing? There is. Parmesan. The classic Italian cheese that improves any Italian dish. 

But do us vegans really have to do without? 

Not on our watch - vegan parmesan cheese to the rescue!

With a whole range of lip-smacking vegan cheeses using plant-based power to replicate the legendary aroma and distinct taste of vegan parmesan, PlantX is a one-stop shop to buy parmesan cheese now! Time to get browsing. 

What is vegan parmesan? 

Parmesan is a hard Italian cheese enjoyed across the world for its distinct umami flavour that is rich, nutty, and bold. This hard cheese is typically made with cow's milk and aged for at least 12 months before being eaten. Most commonly, parmesan is enjoyed grated onto classic Italian pasta dishes but is also melted into all sorts of delicious meals and snacks. 

Vegan parmesan is a vegan cheese that harnesses the power of plant-based ingredients to replicate the striking taste and classic texture of normal parmesan, with none of the cruelty. Plant-based parmesan cheeses are designed to not only taste delicious but also be used in all of the classic recipes that parmesan makes amazing. Gone are the days of vegans missing out! 

What is vegan parmesan made of? 

So, if parmesan is traditionally made from cow’s milk, how can vegans replicate the same taste? Well, not being able to stick to the traditional recipe has never stopped a vegan before! When it comes to vegan parmesan, let’s just say the rule book is out of the window. 

Vegan innovators have crafted plant-based parmesan cheese from all sorts of delicious ingredients you would never expect to make delicious ‘parmesan’. We’re talking cashew nuts. We’re talking hemp. We’re talking about almonds. We’re talking coconut oil. We’re talking nutritional yeast. Every brand uses different ingredients to capture the iconic taste and texture of parmesan, so every plant-based parmesan is completely unique and delicious in its own way! 

What does vegan parmesan taste like? 

Because all plant-based parmesans are made using slightly different ingredients, when you buy vegan parmesan cheese the taste can differ slightly from product to product. Additionally, these vegan parmesan cheese alternatives are often designed to replicate different aspects of parmesan in their texture. For example, some vegan parmesan cheeses come in a hard solid block, while others are pre-grated. This means that some plant-based parmesan cheese is better for melting into foods, while others are better for sprinkling into salads. 

However, what all of these cheeses have in common is that they emulate the classic taste of parmesan, a nutty cheese that is brimming with flavour. This means that, unlike some other vegan cheeses, vegan parmesan will always have a strong flavour that brings added oomph to your vegan cheese dishes. 

Our vegan parmesan top picks…

So with all different kinds of plant-based parmesan cheese on the market, which vegan parmesan should you add to your basket? Here are some of our top picks…

If you want a classic vegan parmesan in the form of a traditional hard cheese that is perfect for grating, try the Violife Prosociano with Parmesan Flavour Wedge. This gluten-free parmesan cheese is not only perfect for topping any pasta dish, but it is also free from soy, nuts, dairy, lactose and preservatives.

For a pre-grated plant-based parmesan, why not try the Follow Your Heart Dairy Free Parmesan? Not only is it ideal for sprinkling straight onto your favourite dishes, but it is also a lot healthier than normal parmesan, with only 20 calories per serving!

Finally, for a vegan parmesan cheese that packs a real punch, the Pimp My Salad Hemp Parmesan Cheez may be the one for you. Soy-free and paleo-friendly, this parmesan-style mix is perfect for topping all of your favourite dishes with, to give them a delicious touch of parmesan flavour!

What can I make with vegan parmesan?

When it comes to vegan parmesan, the culinary possibilities are just about endless! Firstly, we all know parmesan is great for topping pasta dishes. But, did you know it also makes a great topping for other yummy dishes, like salads or roasted veggies? 

The fun doesn’t stop there. Because vegan parmesan can often melt amazingly into foods, it also makes a fantastic ingredient when baked into vegan lasagnas, sprinkled onto vegan pizzas, or stirred into vegan cacio e pepe. 

If you really want to push the vegan boat out, why not try recreating vegan versions of classic dishes? For example, chicken parmesan can easily be made vegan with a packet of vegan parmesan cheese and a vegan chicken alternative!

In other words, a better question is, what can’t you make with vegan parmesan? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is parmesan vegetarian? 

While we all get cheese cravings, we have to avoid normal cheeses because they contain animal products and are not vegan. However, we need to steer clear of parmesan in particular. Why? Because not only does it contain cow’s milk, but it also contains animal rennet (a common ingredient in Italian hard cheeses). This means that not only is parmesan not vegan, but it is also not vegetarian. Yet another reason to buy vegan parmesan alternatives!

What are the health benefits of vegan parmesan cheese?

Like anything, the health benefits of vegan parmesan cheese will vary depending on the product and the ingredients each brand has used in its recipe. However, the good news is that, generally speaking, in the absence of cow's milk vegan parmesan cheese contains a lot less trans fats than normal parmesan. And, given they’re often made from nuts and seeds which are packed with nutritional benefits, plant-based parmesan cheeses tend to boast their own nutritional benefits that keep us coming back for more. 

As if this wasn’t enough, vegan parmesan cheeses are often fortified with important nutrients, for example, vitamin B-12 to amp up their nutritional value. This means that, more often than not, vegan parmesan is a much healthier alternative to the real thing, giving us one more reason to enjoy sprinkling it onto our favourite foods! 

How to store vegan parmesan? 

The best way to store vegan parmesan will depend on the requirements of the individual product. Some products will need to be refrigerated, other products will keep perfectly well when stored in a cool dry place. Some vegan parmesans will last a long time after opening, others will need to be consumed more quickly. To check how to store your vegan parmesan, all you have to do is check out the instructions on the label. It will tell you everything you need to know! 

Is vegan parmesan good for people with food intolerances? 

Another great benefit of vegan parmesan compared to the standard stuff is that they are often more suitable options for those with allergies. Plant-based parmesans are always great dairy-free and lactose-free parmesan options, and they are also almost always gluten-free parmesan cheeses too. So, if you suffer from allergies or intolerances, vegan parmesan may be the best option for you!

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