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For a delicious healthy meal in a hurry, make sure your cupboards are always well-stocked with vegan noodles! Plant-based noodles tend to be higher in fibre and easier for the stomach to digest

At PlantX, we stock a huge variety of noodles for vegans. From ramen noodles to gluten-free noodles - we’re sure to have one to suit your palate! So go on, use your noodles and buy some vegan noodles today! 

What are Vegan Noodles?

With so many varieties of noodles, you’d be forgiven for finding it a bit tricky to navigate the world of vegan noodles! At their very heart, noodles are basically some kind of flour, mixed with water and salt. So, a better question may be: “what makes a noodle non-vegan?”

There are two key ingredients you need to look for to check if your noodle is non-vegan: eggs and lecithin. So, eggs are pretty obviously not plant-based, but lecithin?! Lecithin is sometimes used in noodles, especially instant noodles, and is often made from soy and other plants.

However, some varieties of lecithin are also made from egg yolks. So be sure to check that your noodles are certified vegan if it does contain lecithin. 

PHEW! That means there are lots of varieties of noodles that ARE vegan. Rice noodles, soba noodles, pho noodles and udon noodles are all pretty safe bets! 

How to Pick the Perfect Vegan Noodle For You?

Great question! Choosing the perfect vegan noodle is a very personal choice

Rice noodles are extremely versatile. They come in a variety of thicknesses and textures. Choose pho noodles for extra chewiness, and a thinner, vermicelli rice noodle to absorb your sauce. Rice noodles are great in soup, but also fried! 

If you like more texture in your food, then choose a soba noodle! Made from buckwheat flour, these noodles have a more grainy texture. They’re smooth and slippery, and are delicious hot or cold! 

For a more substantial noodle, we like the udon noodle. It has a chewy texture and will leave you feeling satisfied. It’s another noodle that works well fried in a sauce with extra veggies and proteins to fill it out, but equally amazing in a soup base, such as Clearspring’s Organic Instant Noodle Broth

Ultimately almost any and all types of vegan noodles can be substituted into practically any dish, making noodles, genuinely, one of the most versatile foodstuffs around! 

Best of the Best Vegan Noodles

Here at PlantX, we stock a huge variety of noodles for vegans, so we’re sure to have a noodle to suit you! But, just in case, here’s a quick round-up of the Best of the Best vegan noodles! 

Clearspring has been bringing us quality, organic Japanese foods since the 90s and you can’t get more authentic than their Organic Japanese Soba Noodles! Quick to prepare, with a firm, smooth texture, these noodles will elevate your meal to new heights!

King Soba produces a huge variety of noodles suitable for vegans. Ranging from Thai-style rice noodles to organic brown rice noodles, King Soba’s noodles are higher in fibre and protein, making them a healthy choice to boot! We particularly love the King Soba Organic Brown Rice & Wakame Noodles, with an added boost of umami from the wakame seaweed.

For those of you who can’t consume gluten, fear not! We also stock a range of gluten-free noodles! Both Clearspring and King Soba produce gluten-free noodles in their ranges, such as Clearspring’s Organic Gluten-Free 100% Brown Rice Noodles and King Soba’s Organic Sweet Potato & Buckwheat Noodles. Why not check out our full range of gluten-free noodles? 

And we didn’t forget those on carb-free or low-calorie diets! The world of vegan noodles has evolved enormously, so almost anyone can enjoy a delicious bowl of noodles! 

Barenaked Noodles are delicious low-calorie noodles that contain zero fat and are low in calories, making them a great choice if you’re watching your weight. Since they’re made from konjac flour, they contain very low amounts of carbohydrates, making them ideal for fans of the keto diet! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are vegan noodles made of? 

In general terms, vegan noodles are made from flour, water and salt. Typical flours include rice flour for rice or pho noodles, buckwheat flour for soba noodles and bread flour for ramen noodles. You can even buy noodles made from konjac flour for a lower-carb noodle! 

Just keep an eye out for noodles that are heavily processed (like instant noodles). The more processed the noodle, the more likely there may be non-vegan additives included. Be on the watch for noodles that contain egg or lecithin, as these will not be vegan-friendly. Instead, opt for organic noodles for a more natural vegan noodle.

What are the health benefits of opting for a vegan noodle?

Whilst we’d love to tell you that eating vegan noodles is super-healthy for you… the reality is that it’s all about the toppings. Here’s why!

On the whole, plant-based noodles are generally higher in fibre, which is really important to the body as it keeps food moving! Fibre also helps the body absorb nutrients from the food, so it’s vital for proper gut health. 

The benefit of a higher fibre noodle is that it lets you digest more of your food. BUT, you’re unlikely to get as much fibre from vegan noodles compared to if you were eating whole foods like vegetables. 

The wonderful thing about noodles is that, much like Tiggers, they’re bouncy, which makes them light and more-ish. But more importantly, noodles are amazing at absorbing flavours. That means they will soak up all the flavours of any sauce or soup that you choose to add to your noodles. 

Top your vegan noodles with wholesome veggies and delicious proteins, and you’ve got a really healthy, balanced meal.

What about instant noodles? Are they healthy?

Ah, instant noodles… one of life’s guilty pleasures! But are they healthy? As with everything in life, moderation is key!

According to the World Instant Noodles Association, in the UK, we consumed some 390m servings of instant noodles in 2020. That’s a lot of noodles! Depending on the brand and flavourings included in the packet, instant noodles can contain a balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

While they tend to be relatively low in calories, they can also be low in fibre and high in sodium. But in moderation, they can form part of a healthy diet, particularly if you top it with fresh vegetables and plant-based proteins. 

Alternatively, try a vegan noodle base and make your own soup or sauce, topped with fresh, wholesome ingredients. Or, if you’re in a hurry, then the Clearspring Organic Instant Noodle Broth is a quick way of making a delicious bowl of ramen, with recognisable ingredients

How quickly can I serve up some vegan noodles?

Vegan noodles can be prepared in as little as 3 minutes, but typically anything between 3-6 minutes of cooking time is normal. Hunger will be gone in an instant!

It might take a little extra time to prepare your other ingredients, such as chopping up your delicious fresh vegetables, slicing your tofu and simmering your sauce. But rest assured, it’ll all be worth it in the end! 

For extra bite in your noodles, you may want to try soaking them in hot water for a few minutes to soften. Drain in a colander and rinse under the cold tap! It works particularly well for dry noodles! If in doubt, check the back of the packet for cooking instructions! 

When can I eat my vegan noodles?

Would you believe us if we said vegan noodles make a great meal at ANY TIME OF THE DAY?!

It’s said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In Asia, ramen noodles are often eaten as a breakfast dish! Served in a savoury broth, topped with protein and vegetables, start your day full and satisfied

Vegan noodles for lunch or dinner are a given! Vegan noodles fried in soy sauce, ginger, chillis, topped with spring onions and firm, smoky tofu, are just one great way to serve up your noodles for a more substantial meal. 

And of course, we couldn’t leave out the mighty snack! How often have you rooted around for a packet of noodles to satisfy the midnight munchies?! Why not eat it straight out of the pan for added pleasure (and saving on the washing up, too!)

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