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If there’s a sweet staple you’re going to find in every British home, it’s biscuits or cookies - or both! There’s nothing more comforting than reaching for your favourite biscuit and dunking it into your tea - it’s practically part of British culture. 

We’ve realised this here at PlantX, and have decided it’s super important we have a wide and exciting range of vegan cookies and vegan biscuits on our website. Because even making small changes, like opting for a vegan biscuit over a non-vegan biscuit, can make a difference!

If you want to explore the vegan biscuits and vegan cookies out there, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll delve into any questions you might have, outline our favourite products, and show you how you can get the best vegan biscuits and vegan cookies online.

What Are Vegan Cookies And Vegan Biscuits?

Before we dive into vegan cookies and vegan biscuits, it’s important to say that a lot of regular biscuits and cookies can contain some form of milk, butter and eggs. Lactose (a sugar that is present in milk) is another non-vegan ingredient to watch out for in biscuits and cookies, even those which might say dairy-free! 

So what makes vegan cookies and vegan biscuits, vegan? Firstly, there are no animal-derived ingredients (like the ones we mentioned above) in vegan cookies and vegan biscuits. Often, they will use plant-based alternatives, such as plant-based butter or plant-based milk. 

Here at PlantX, we always recommend to always read the ingredients label thoroughly before buying products in stores or online. Or, you could save yourself the trouble and get your cookies and biscuits right here on our PlantX website! That way, you’ll know for sure that you’re eating vegan. Keep reading for our best vegan biscuits and vegan cookies online. 

Why You Should Make The Switch To Vegan Biscuits And Vegan Cookies!

There’s a ton of reasons why you should switch to vegan biscuits and vegan cookies, whether you’re vegan or not. And we’ve listed them all, right here! 

  • They’re often better for you

While we can’t speak for every vegan biscuit and vegan cookie out there, as all brands use different recipes, vegan biscuits and cookies might be better for you than your regular go-to. 

Of course, there’s no butter or eggs in vegan biscuits and vegan cookies, which can be high in fat, hormones and cholesterol. Many vegan brands also use organic, non-GMO and less processed ingredients, which is much better for us when it comes to our health! 

That said, vegan biscuits and vegan cookies will never be the equivalent to eating a piece of fruit! They can still be super high in sugar and include some kind of fat. Just like regular biscuits and cookies, they should be considered as a treat as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

  • They taste great

Here at PlantX, we don’t understand why someone wouldn’t make the change to vegan cookies and vegan biscuits! They taste just as delicious as regular cookies and biscuits, and have all the other added benefits that you get by switching to plant-based foods. Seems like a no-brainer to us.

  • They help to protect animal welfare

As obvious as this point is, we think it’s still important to say. While people might have varying reasons for being vegan, eating any product that is free from animal-derived ingredients ultimately helps to protect animal welfare. And if that means stocking up on more vegan biscuits and vegan cookies - you can count us in! 

  • They’re a good way to eat more plant-based foods

You don’t need to be a vegan to enjoy vegan cookies and vegan biscuits. Here at PlantX, we think any small change you want to make can still be significant. Starting with something you love, and that’s guaranteed to be tasty (like vegan cookies or vegan biscuits) is a great way to start eating more plant-based foods. 

It may even encourage you, or your friends and family, to start trying other plant-based alternatives. And even if it doesn’t, we still think that eating some vegan foods is better than eating none at all!

The Best Vegan Cookies On PlantX

We don’t like to brag, but we think we’ve got the best vegan cookies online here at PlantX! We’ve chosen our top 3 vegan cookies to make your choice of cookie a little easier. 

Partake Foods - Vegan & Gluten-Free Cookies

These vegan cookies encapsulate everything that is great about vegan cookies! Not only are they 100% plant-based, they’re organic, naturally sweetened and absolutely delicious. With a soft, mouth-watering texture and a fresh taste, they make the perfect addition to a cuppa.

Lenny & Larry's - Complete Cookie Snickerdoodle

Nutritious ingredients and gluten-free - these vegan cookies from Lenny & Larry’s just can’t get any better. The soft, doughy texture and cinnamon sweetness is hard to resist. They’re also individually packed, making them a super convenient snack. Did we mention they’re also packed with protein and fibre? 

Partake Foods - Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are hands down the best vegan cookies online for any chocoholics out there! The chocolate chips penetrate these cookies with a rich and luxurious chocolatey flavour. Firm on the outside, but soft within, you’ll be reluctant to share these vegan cookies with anyone. Did we mention that they’re also gluten-free? 

The Best Vegan Biscuits 

Who isn’t a sucker for a delicious vegan biscuit? We’ve listed 3 of what we think are the best vegan biscuits available on our website. Give them a try!

Rhythm108 - Organic Tea Biscuit Share Bag

These vegan biscuits are crumbly, sweet, and the perfect companion for your cup of tea. Made with organic, gluten-free oats and organic coconut sugar, you can taste the high quality of these vegan biscuits in every bite. And don’t worry if you’re not a tea person - they also make the perfect morning coffee biscuits too!

Nairn’s - Coconut & Chia Oat Biscuits

These are the best vegan biscuits you can find if you’re looking for something a bit healthier. Made with wholegrain oats, these biscuits are a great source of fibre and protein! And although they aren’t completely sugar-free biscuits, there’s 55% less sugar in them than the average sweet biscuit. Sounds good to us!

Vegan Bakery - Biscuits

Vegan biscuits don’t get better than this! Coming in three classic, delectable flavours, these biscuits are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Crunchy, gooey, soft and sweet - they’re everything you would want in a biscuit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about making your own vegan cookies and vegan biscuits? We think that baking is a great way to spend some time doing something creative and wholesome - and you get a vegan treat at the end of it. Here’s some questions about baking vegan cookies and vegan biscuits, answered. 

How can you replace eggs and milk in vegan cookies or biscuits?

When baking vegan cookies or vegan biscuits, it’s usually pretty simple to replace eggs and milk. You can use any plant-based milk instead of regular milk. Replacing eggs is a bit harder, but if you’re following a recipe it will give you a good idea of what you can use. Often bananas, flax seeds or vegan egg replacers are used.

Can you freeze vegan cookies?

You can freeze both vegan cookies and vegan cookie dough. Baked vegan cookies can last in the freezer for about a month. Be sure to let the cookies fully cool down before freezing them, and allow them to properly defrost before eating them again. Cookie dough can last in the freezer for around 3 months.

How long do vegan cookies and vegan biscuits last?

You can store vegan cookies and biscuits for up to seven days in an airtight container or tupperware. If you’re wondering about shop-bought cookies or biscuits, it should say on the packaging.

How do you increase the shelf life of vegan cookies and vegan biscuits?

If you’re baking vegan cookies or vegan biscuits, you might want to know how to increase their shelf life. Baking drier cookies or biscuits will make them last longer, as moisture is usually what causes them (and other baked goods) to spoil. A good example of some drier cookies and biscuits are vegan chocolate chip cookies, vegan gingerbread biscuits, vegan shortbread biscuits or vegan oatmeal cookies. Make sure you properly store your vegan baked goods too!

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