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With our collection of vegan baking supplies, you no longer have to be an expert baker to make delicious baked vegan treats. Here at PlantX, you can find everything you need to make your own deliciously light vegan cakes, crunchy biscuits, creamy desserts and flavoursome savoury treats. What's more, many of our UK vegan baking products are also gluten-free!

Looking for vegan baking supplies? We’ve got you covered! Our collection of UK vegan baking products contains staple ingredients, from Gluten & Dairy Free Egg Replacer to Animal-Free Rennet for making your own vegan cheese! We even have a ready-made Gluten & Dairy Free Chocolate Brownie Mix for those who are new to vegan baking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

All your vegan baking questions answered

What alternatives to egg can be used in vegan baking?

Free & Easy’s Gluten & Dairy Free Egg Replacer made with potato flour and tapioca flour is a great egg alternative product that helps bind vegan baking. Ground flaxseed mixed with water also works well as an egg alternative when baking vegan goods. 

How do you make handmade vegan cheese?

With Just Wholefoods’ Animal-Free Rennet, you can make vegan cheese from any plant-based milk! This product contains an enzyme that binds the proteins in plant-based milk, causing it to curdle when heated to 32°C. A revolutionary vegan baking supply!

Is it easy to make gluten-free vegan baked treats?

Yes! Our collection contains many gluten-free alternatives to wheat flour. For moist cakes, try Organic White Almond Flour. For gluten-free bread, we have Gluten-Free White Bread Mix, and Organic Kuzu Root Starch is a great gluten-free thickener for sweet and savoury dishes. Free & Easy’s Chocolate Brownie Mix is a great UK vegan baking product that’s also gluten-free!

What ingredients can be used to make chocolatey vegan baked goods?

Dark chocolate is a great staple ingredient for baked goods as it is often vegan-friendly. Check out Nomo or Montezumas Dark Chocolate Bars or The Raw Chocolate Co’s Organic Fairtrade Cacao Powder to add a smooth dark chocolate flavour to your baking. Dark chocolate can also be used for sweet or savoury baking.

Can you make vegan meringues?

You certainly can! Free & Easy’s Gluten & Dairy Free Egg Replacer can be used for cakes but it can also be used to replicate egg white or egg yolk. To make an alternative vegan product to the egg white traditionally used to bake meringues, simply mix 1 teaspoon of egg replacer with 1 tablespoon water.