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Soy milk and nut milk are now common options in the plant-based milk aisle. But what if you can’t have either because of allergies? Enter: rice milk!

Rice milk is exactly what it sounds like. It’s vegan milk made from rice. It’s among the least allergenic among vegan milk options out there. Vegan and organic rice milk is typically made through grinding, filtering and blending rice with water. 

Rice Milk: Nutritious and Delicious

As always, vegan milk carries the nutrition derived from the ingredients it’s made with. So rice milk contains the same goodness as rice - such as carbs! Depending on what kind of vegan or organic rice milk you buy, some may even come fortified with other nutrients.

Now, while vegan and organic rice milk may not always have the same protein and calcium content as cow’s milk, it’s still a great option to have - especially if you can’t have dairy, soy or nuts!


Can I use rice milk just like any other milk?

Most makers of milk alternatives create products that come as close as they can to the use-case of the real thing. The same goes for rice milk!

So that means you can use vegan and organic rice milk in coffee, tea, smoothies and cereal. You can also replace other milk with rice milk in cooking and use it to make creamy soups, sauces or curries. You can also even buy rice milk to use in your pancake or waffle batter!

You may need to make some adjustments when using vegan rice milk in baking. Rice milk is typicall lighter, so you may need to add thickeners.

Here’s one of the best organic rice milks that you can buy online at PlantX! It’s Dream’s Organic Rice DREAM™ Original.

Why is rice milk hypoallergenic?

Great question! Rice milk is a top-tier choice when it comes to hypoallergenic vegan milk options. We typically use the word hypoallergenic when referring to makeup, skin or baby care products, but milk can be hypoallergenic, too! Especially our range of vegan and organic rice milk. Put simply, it means that rice milk is less likely to cause any allergic reaction!

That’s important for those who are allergic to dairy, soy, nuts and gluten!

Is rice milk gluten-free?

If we’re talking about the purest, simplest form of delicious rice milk, then it is gluten-free. That’s because rice is a naturally gluten-free food!

However, some manufacturers add certain ingredients or flavours to enhance their rice milk and unfortunately, these can sometimes contain gluten. Just make sure to read the label.

Does rice milk contain sugar?

It does! But, it’s not anything artificial so don’t worry. Rice milk gets its natural sweetness from the carbs that get ground, filtered and blended during the milk-making process.

Check out our selection of vegan and organic rice milk and buy online today at PlantX!

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