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Marination is the not-so-secret method of turning your home-cooked meal into a feast fit for royalty. It makes your food juicier and it tastes better. All you have to do is let your plant-based goodness soak in the marinade, which is essentially aromatics, spices, herbs and other flavourful ingredients and BOOM! Use marinade and you’ve got a one-way ticket to flavour town, my friend. 

What is vegan marinade?

A marinade is a flavourful liquid in which you can soak ingredients for your meal beforehand, so it adds extra flavour. It’s a technique that has been around for thousands of years. A vegan marinade is as you can probably imagine, a marinade that contains no animal products or derivatives. Just pure plant-based goodness, the way mother nature intended.

What can I marinade? 

Ah, the eternal question. What should you marinate? Well, the short answer is anything you want. But there are classic vegan staples you should definitely try with your marinade. Tofu, tempeh, seitan or vegetables are the go-to for marinades. They will easily soak up the flavours of the marinade and also work great on a BBQ.

Different Types of Marinade

There are literally hundreds of different combinations of marinade. With all the different oils, acids, spices and herbs the marinade possibilities are endless! What we will do though is give a little breakdown of the top 3 main types of marinade, so you have a good starting point of where to go. 

  • Acidic - So this means the main component of the marinade will contain either vinegar, wine, tomato or a citrus juice. These tend to work really well when marinating vegetables to really give them that extra flavour. A great example here at PlantX is Smoked Sriracha
  • Oil - This includes classic vegetable and olive oil, as well as coconut milk. This works really well as a marinade when adding spices and herbs because the oil will help it penetrate whatever you're marinating. It also gives it a really fresh flavour as well! 
  • Enzymatic - This type of marinade is a special one. It’s all to do with enzymes that are found in certain types of fruit. This includes things like kiwi, melon and pineapple. They contain a special type of enzyme called bromelain, which softens the food you're marinating and helps it to absorb more flavour. It’s a perfect marinade for when cooking asian cuisine.

The history of marinades

Let’s end on a quick history lesson shall we? So when you're cooking your feast up for your loved ones, you can throw in a bit of trivia to impress them even more! In the West, the first use of marinades can be traced back to the Renaissance. This is where people used marinade to marinate their food with spices and vinegar to preserve it, which in turn enhanced the flavour as well.

The roots of marinades however, can be traced back even further to ancient civilisations. The Romans used to marinate their food, with vegetables being their main meal at dinner times. The word marinade even comes from the Latin word for sea (mare.) This is because food would be soaked in a liquid similar to marinade prior to cooking.

So as you can see, for thousands of years humans have used marinade to marinate their food. It’s a way to go that little bit extra on special occasions and turn a normal everyday meal into something wonderful and wholesome. Now that we’ve given you some food for thought, we will let you marinate on that! 

Top vegan marinades to try

Le Conserve Della Nonna - Vegan Porcini Mushroom SauceThis Vegan Porcini Mushroom Sauce is made to go with pasta, but you can also use it as a marinade for your favourite vegan protein or add it to vegetables. It’s rich and creamy with lots of luxurious porcini! 

Organic Cyder Vinegar

Use this organic cyder vinegar from Aspall to add acidity to your marinade. It’s made with 100% British apples. You can use it together with olive oil, salt and herbs to give your food a Summery touch.

Coconut Company - Organic Coconut Amino Sauces

An amazing gluten-free alternative to soy sauce! Use it in a tangy marinade for tofu and tempeh when cooking Asian or East-Asian dishes. It will add a rich umami-flavour!

Mekhala - Organic Lemongrass Turmeric Paste 

Are you a big fan of big flavours? Use this organic paste together with some oil to marinate vegetables and tofu before you put them on the barbecue. This marinade has no added sugar. It’s a flavourful marinade packed with plant-based goodness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I marinate?

Really there is only one piece of kitchen equipment you need. A zip-lock bag. Once you know what you want to marinate (such as tofu), chop it up and put it in the zip-lock bag. Add your organic marinade, and give it a gentle shake. Make sure the marinade sauce is covering your protein and vegetables all over. Zip it up and put it in the fridge.

How long do I need to marinate?

You need to leave the marinade for a minimum of 15 minutes for it to have an effect, but some ingredients such as tofu can be left to marinate for over 24 hours. Once you are ready to cook, just add it to your frying pan or grill and hey’ presto. Another great thing about marinade is that you need to use less cooking oil as well! 

Will vegetables get soggy if I marinate them?

The good news is that they don't get soggy when you marinate them. If using soft vegetables they can fall apart a bit when cooking, but only if you marinate them for too long. A good rule of thumb is if you are unsure, never marinate longer than 12 hours.

Are vegan marinades unhealthy?

A vegan marinade is great because it adds a lot of extra flavours and usually doesn't add on loads of calories. Generally, it consists of three components: an acid (like wine, vinegar or citrus) an oil (vegetable, sesame or olive) and a flavour (such as a herb or spice.) When you’ve taken the time to marinade, it can completely change the outcome of a meal.

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